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Costs really matter

January 2017 (Magazine)By

A slow but steady evolution in best practice on cost disclosure and reporting is changing the way pension funds think about the asset management industry as well as the way they structure their internal resources. 

Fiscal policy? Let the zombies die

January 2017 (Magazine)By

The international shift from an emphasis on monetary policy to a focus on fiscal policy is a dangerous diversion. Pumping money into the economy cannot resolve the underlying weaknesses that have long plagued western economies

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Letter from Brussels: EU focus on tax tricks

January 2017 (Magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

There is increasing attention in Brussels on company reporting, taxation and offshore financial centres. The G20 and some OECD countries have demanded country-by-country reporting rules for multinational companies with a turnover over €750m

Letter from Brussels: Pan-EU private schemes for 2017?

November 2016 (Magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

Legislation proposing pan-EU personal pension products (PEPPs) could be tabled in 2017, according to the European Commission

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Letter from the US: Investors adjust to Trump

January 2017 (Magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

Are financial markets too optimistic about the impact of Donald Trump’s administration? That is a big unanswered question in the aftermath of his surprise victory in the presidential election

Letter from the US: State boost to pensions

December 2016 (Magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

Next year will start with a new initiative in the US pension fund industry – the launch of the first retirement savings plan created by a state for private-sector employees. Washington State is the pioneer with its Small Business Retirement Savings Marketplace, and it will be followed by other states.

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Guest Viewpoint: Cllr Kieran Quinn

January 2017 (Magazine)

“The UK local government pension investment regulations are a step in the right direction”

Guest Viewpoint: Jon Little - Northill Capital

December 2016 (Magazine)

“Successful managers are hard to find but those that do exist generally share some common characteristics”

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Long-Term Matters: My inner Trump

January 2017 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram.

Early on Wednesday 9 November we learnt that Donald Trump would be president of the US, and two days later I heard I may have a cancer.

Long-Term Matters: Carbon footprint envy

December 2016 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

An explosion of providers and events promise to turn investors into low-carbon heroes. Even campaigners use it to benchmark managers. What will it deliver? Raj Thamotheram writes

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fca raises the game

From Our Perspective: FCA raises the game

January 2017 (Magazine)

In 2001, the Myners report raised the issue of the investment value chain and how pension funds could improve outcomes through their governance structure. It also highlighted market inefficiencies in areas like peer-group herding and investment consulting

Who’s afraid of securitisation?

December 2016 (Magazine)

The 1933 Disney animation The Three Little Pigs featured Fiddler and Fifer, who believed their straw houses were safe from a marauding wolf. The movie popularised the song Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf; as readers will be aware, the pigs’ straw houses were not safe from the wolf, who blew them down.

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