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Costs really matter

February 2017 (Magazine)By

Lay representation on pension fund trustee boards is one of the hallmarks of occupational pensions in Europe and other parts of the world

Make a bigger pie: Trump's protectionist rhetoric

February 2017 (Magazine)By

President Trump’s aggressive protectionist rhetoric has raised concerns. Many fear that the measures he is advocating could lead to an all-out trade war

Active should mean engaged

February 2017 (Magazine)By

The turn of the year is a time for the asset management industry to discuss its views on how markets will fare in the year ahead. Unfortunately, too often these views are of little value to investors.

from our perspective packaging pensions just right

From Our Perspective: Packaging pensions ‘just right’

February 2017 (Magazine)

In 2001, the Myners report raised the issue of the investment value chain and how pension funds could improve outcomes through their governance structure. It also highlighted market inefficiencies in areas like peer-group herding and investment consulting. The interaction between fiduciary duty and the provision of institutional investment services had not been explored so extensively before and the report resonated widely outside the UK.

Analysis: Dutch funds escape cut threat – for now

February 2017 (Magazine)By

Almost all Dutch pension funds, including the largest five, have made a miraculous escape. For the majority of 2016 they were headed for widespread rights cuts

Analysis: Norges Bank - Looking before leaping

February 2017 (Magazine)By

The Norwegian government is having to make up the rules for the NOK7.5trn (€826bn) Government Pension Fund Global (GPFG) as it goes along. One of the principles appearing to guide lawmakers in this process is building up as much expertise as possible before doing something new.

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Long-Term Matters: Be a positive maverick

February 2017 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

Trump and I agree on one thing: liberals and centrists love to whinge. If we are clever, we engage in intellectual self-gratification, showing how well we understand the complexity. If now isn’t the time for a big pivot in how we show up in the world, in actions and not just sophisticated banter, when would be?

Guest Viewpoint: Rudyard Ekindi

February 2017 (Magazine)By

”Asset managers are from Mars, asset owners are from Venus”

Diary of an Investor: Political perils

February 2017 (Magazine)By Pieter Mullen

Last month I met with my old friend Thijs, who is CIO of a large UK corporate pension scheme, working in a small investment office in the UK with an enlightened CEO

Long-Term Matters: My inner Trump

January 2017 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram.

Early on Wednesday 9 November we learnt that Donald Trump would be president of the US, and two days later I heard I may have a cancer.

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