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Letter from Brussels

Letter From Brussels: Default guarantee option dominates debate on PEPP

April 2018 (magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

Europe’s asset management industry is lobbying against any mandatory guaranteed default option in the third-pillar PEPP proposal

Letter From Brussels: Brexit focus moves to pensions

February 2018 (magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

As the risk of a no-deal Brexit comes into focus, attention is turning to ways to mitigate the damage across financial services, including asset management and pensions

Letter from Brussels: Easier securitisation on the horizon

January 2018 (magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

The EU’s securitisation package has finally passed through the European Parliament and Council. However, the new rules will not be applied until January 2019

Letter from Brussels: Opposition to mission creep

December 2017 (Magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

The EU’s controversial mandate for a radical shake up of financial supervision has received a cool reception from the pensions sector as well as smaller EU members

Letter From Brussels: Court for international investor disputes on the horizon

November 2017 (Magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

International investors in the EU have for decades been suffering from woeful dispute settlement proceedings when involved in cases against public authorities

Letter From Brussels: Pension rights for posted workers

October 2017 (Magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

Discussions over the payment of social costs for workers from central and eastern European countries posted temporarily to wealthier EU countries are playing a major role in the attempt to update existing directives

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getting behind the stewardship bullshit on carillion

Long Term Matters: Getting behind the stewardship bullshit on Carillion

April 2018 (magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

Every so often things go so wrong that players are forced to come clean. Which is what has started to happen with Carillion. And it’s not a pretty sight

diary of an investor pieter mullen

Diary of an Investor: Imperfect foresight

March 2018 (magazine)By

‘Administration!’ declares Geert, our head of investment research one morning. ‘Not a sexy subject.’

Long Term Matters: What my illness is teaching me about investment

March 2018 (magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

When diagnosed with life-threatening conditions, we can be devastated, run from the diagnosis or embrace it and adapt. No prizes for guessing the smarter choice. The same goes for investment decision-makers today

luke hildyard

Guest viewpoint: Luke Hildyard

March 2018 (magazine)By

“The potential impact of climate change on investments should be considered at least on an annual basis”

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students demonstrating in washington dc in march against the governments inaction on gun control

Letter From US: Gun stocks and passive funds

April 2018 (magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

Could the massacre at a Parkland, Florida, high school be the turning point in the debate about state pension funds’ investments in gun makers? 

a gas flare the debate as esg investment evolves

Letter From The US: ESG strategy not just divestment

March 2018 (magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

ESG investing is a hot topic in the US pension fund industry. “One dollar out of five from institutional investors is going into ESG investing”

the capitol in washington tax reforms have prompted db sponsors to make extra payments to pensions

Letter from US: Plans act on Trump tax reform

February 2018 (magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

The tax reform signed by President Donald Trump last December is having quite an impact on the US pension industry

lockheed martin produces the f 35 lightning ii fighter jet

Letter from US: DC plans shift from mutual funds

December 2017 (Magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

An increasing number of DC plans, including 401(k) schemes, are choosing CITs in the US, according to the latest report from Cerulli Associates

Letter From The US: 401(k) in the crosshairs of reform

November 2017 (Magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

Since their launch in 1981, 401(k) plans have become the preferred employer-sponsored defined contribution retirement plan

divesting fossil fuel companies has had a detrimental effect on the returns of some pension funds

Letter From US: Tide turning against divestment

October 2017 (Magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

Will the movement in favour of divesting from fossil fuels slow down among US pension funds?

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