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Letter from Brussels

sven giegold

Letter from Brussels: Focus on pension products and supervision ahead of elections

October 2018 (magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

Tensions are rising in Brussels as the EU institutional mandate approaches its end ahead of the Parliamentary elections in May 2019, and the Commission has already ceased issuing new proposals in the absence of legislative time. 

Letter From Brussels: CMU urgency mounts

September 2018 (magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

The race is on to complete the EU’s flagship Capital Markets Union project before the mandates of the Commission and Parliament elapse next year

Letter from Brussels: Campaign to boost pan-EU distribution of UCITS and AIFs

July/August 2018 (magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

Another step by Brussels to ease financing to business across the EU comes with measures to facilitate the cross-border distribution of investment funds

Letter from Brussels: Who cares about our €3.5trn?

June 2018 (magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

PensionsEurope is concerned about a Brexit ‘no deal’ and is calling for negotiators to pay heed to the €3.54trn sector’s interests

Letter From Brussels: Corporate tax reform in view

May 2018 (magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

Radical upgrades to the EU’s corporate tax base norms have never been so close to fruition

Letter From Brussels: Default guarantee option dominates debate on PEPP

April 2018 (magazine)By Jeremy Woolfe

Europe’s asset management industry is lobbying against any mandatory guaranteed default option in the third-pillar PEPP proposal

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raj thamotheram

Long-Term Matters: Disruptive change is coming – which side will you choose?

October 2018 (magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

Prof Jeffrey Pfeffer, one of the most influential management thinkers, was typically direct when I asked him what he thought the underlying problem was: “Companies and investors worry about environmental sustainability reputation but don’t care at all about human sustainability.”

jim hawley and jon lukomnik

Guest Viewpoint: Jim Hawley and Jon Lukomnik

October 2018 (magazine)

It is fitting that we launched our ‘Purpose of Asset Management’ paper in London, not far from 221b Baker Street, the home of the famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. 

Long-Term Matters: What world are we creating by saving the world?

September 2018 (magazine)By Raj Thamotheram, Christoph Biehl

The focus of ESG investment has been moving towards the environmental over several years. Topics like green bonds, carbon indices, green ETFs, portfolio carbon footprinting and decarbonisation are making headway

Long-term Matters: An apocryphal tale for wannabe climate-aware investors

July/August 2018 (magazine)By Raj Thamotheram, Howard Covington

It is impossible to know how today’s CIOs will look back on their actions in the 2010s. But, we still have time to avert the worst of runaway climate change

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Letter From US: Insurers back new annuities rules

September 2018 (magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

Insurance companies hope to play a greater role in 401(k) retirement savings plans if congress approves new rules on annuities

Letter from the US: No panic as investors stay the course

July/August 2018 (magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

Some 59% of US defined contribution (DC) plans’ assets and 47% of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are invested in mutual funds, with a total of $8.8trn (€7.5trn). Overall, the US mutual fund industry manages about $22trn on behalf of more than 100m investors. 

harvard university

Letter from US: Harvard gets down to business

June 2018 (magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

It has been a busy 18 months for NP ‘Narv’ Narvekar, who became CEO of Harvard Management Company (HMC) in December 2016. At the end of this month, he will complete HMC’s first fiscal year completely under his responsibility 

some 11 us states have approved their own retirement savings plans but oregon was the first to enrol employers and employees

Letter From US: All eyes on Oregon’s auto enrolment

May 2018 (magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

The US pension fund sector is looking at how Oregon progresses with its OregonSaves programme

students demonstrating in washington dc in march against the governments inaction on gun control

Letter From US: Gun stocks and passive funds

April 2018 (magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

Could the massacre at a Parkland, Florida, high school be the turning point in the debate about state pension funds’ investments in gun makers? 

a gas flare the debate as esg investment evolves

Letter From The US: ESG strategy not just divestment

March 2018 (magazine)By Maria Teresa Cometto

ESG investing is a hot topic in the US pension fund industry. “One dollar out of five from institutional investors is going into ESG investing”

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