Costs really matter

January 2017 (Magazine)By

A slow but steady evolution in best practice on cost disclosure and reporting is changing the way pension funds think about the asset management industry as well as the way they structure their internal resources. 

Fiscal policy? Let the zombies die

January 2017 (Magazine)By

The international shift from an emphasis on monetary policy to a focus on fiscal policy is a dangerous diversion. Pumping money into the economy cannot resolve the underlying weaknesses that have long plagued western economies

Italy's referendum: Always do your homework

January 2017 (Magazine)By

The international reaction to the result of the recent Italian referendum on constitutional reform was curious. Voters rejected the reform wholeheartedly, and commentators around the world hailed the result as another victory for populism

fca raises the game

From Our Perspective: FCA raises the game

January 2017 (Magazine)

In 2001, the Myners report raised the issue of the investment value chain and how pension funds could improve outcomes through their governance structure. It also highlighted market inefficiencies in areas like peer-group herding and investment consulting

Dutch Pensions Federation backs proposals for new system

January 2017 (Magazine)By

The long-running debate in the Netherlands over how to build a sustainable and acceptable pension system has taken another step towards its final destination

UK Financial Conduct Authority seeks to regulate consultants

January 2017 (Magazine)By

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is seeking regulatory powers over investment consultants following a damning review of the sector

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Long-Term Matters: My inner Trump

January 2017 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram.

Early on Wednesday 9 November we learnt that Donald Trump would be president of the US, and two days later I heard I may have a cancer.

Guest Viewpoint: Cllr Kieran Quinn

January 2017 (Magazine)

“The UK local government pension investment regulations are a step in the right direction”

Diary of an Investor: Too much information

January 2017 (Magazine)By Pieter Mullen

Our investment committee members had quite a few questions at the final meeting of 2016. Brexit, Trump, the equities rally, long-bond yields, emerging markets: the trustees kept the topics coming thick and fast

Long-Term Matters: Carbon footprint envy

December 2016 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

An explosion of providers and events promise to turn investors into low-carbon heroes. Even campaigners use it to benchmark managers. What will it deliver? Raj Thamotheram writes

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Guest Viewpoint: Cllr Kieran Quinn

January 2017 (Magazine)

“The UK local government pension investment regulations are a step in the right direction”

Guest Viewpoint: Jon Little - Northill Capital

December 2016 (Magazine)

“Successful managers are hard to find but those that do exist generally share some common characteristics”

Guest Viewpoint: Chris Curry - Pensions Policy Institute

November 2016 (Magazine)

The pensions world is constantly changing. In the UK, more DC savers, coupled with recently introduced flexibility of access, will increase the levels of risk and complexity for many

Guest Viewpoint: Peter Kraneveld - International Pensions Adviser

October 2016 (Magazine)By Peter Kraneveld

Pension funds are not about politics, but their investment portfolios include political risk

Guest Viewpoint: Ros Altmann - Former UK pensions minister

September 2016 (Magazine)

“It is time the authorities addressed the serious side effects of monetary policy on UK pensions”

Guest Viewpoint: Dan Waters - ICI Global

July / August 2016 (Magazine)

“Easier, cheaper fund distribution would help build stronger capital markets”

Guest Viewpoint: Alfred Gohdes - Willis Towers Watson

June 2016 (Magazine)

“The cost for a German young person to provide for a pension has roughly tripled since 2008”

Guest Viewpoint: Peter Kraneveld – International Pensions Adviser

May 2016 (Magazine)

“Let’s stop using the term de-risking altogether and use the right words for what we are doing”

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