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    Portfolio Strategy - Fixed Income

    January 2022 (Magazine)

    As the earnings season gets underway in early January, we look at 2021’s bumper level of bank debt issuance, in particular from Bank of America, JP Morgan and Citigroup, which have all seen big increases in deposits. Banks look set to benefit from rising rates this year, but also from their historically large capital buffers, diverse funding levels and central bank liquidity backstops and offer attractive valuations. 

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    Tech: Uncertain future as FAANG stocks mature

    December 2021 (Magazine)

    Innovative tech giants deliver many societal benefits, but concerns over personal data misuse and market power abuse could elicit regulatory responses that inadvertently stifle innovation

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    Asset Class - Equities: Focus on tech and social media

    December 2021 (Magazine)

    Oh MAAAN! FAANG stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) are definitely due a rebrand now Facebook has restyled itself as Meta Platforms, Inc. While a rebrand can refresh perceptions, Facebook’s underlying business issues look more intractable, posing questions for long-term investors. We look at two topics in our equities report: how big tech companies are maturing, and how social media companies’ activities are dividing investor opinions.

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    Emerging market debt

    October 2021 (Magazine)

    Our opening article in this report looks at emerging market private credit. In EMs there is a $100bn corporate funding gap with 90% of lending through banks. But we find EMD managers broadly cautious overall, particularly on China, with interviews conducted before the Evergrande story broke. Lastly, we look at Latin America, where investors encounter populism and social unrest but sustainability bond issuance is booming.

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    Asset class: Equities

    September 2021 (Magazine)

    The number of listed companies in the US and the UK has fallen dramatically over the past quarter century, putting more pressure on institutional investors to invest in private equity, as we cover in this report. The report also looks at the emerging market small-cap sector and UK’s micro caps.

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    Asset class report: Emerging market equities

    May 2021 (Magazine)

    The pandemic has substantially altered the landscape for emerging markets. While some countries have contained its effect better than any developed market, others have been devastated. How should investors regard the impact of COVID-19 in their decision-making on future increases on allocations to emerging markets? In this report, we analyse the outlook for the asset class in general, and find out why Brazil continues to hold the interest of investors.

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    EM outlook: Opportunities amid uncertainties

    May 2021 (Magazine)

    The pandemic has greatly affected emerging markets but while some are in a bad state others are showing great resilience

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    European Equities: Breath of optimism

    March 2021 (Magazine)

    The roll out of COVID vaccines has brightened the outlook for European large caps facing a changed landscape

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    Value equities: Dead or alive?

    February 2021 (Magazine)

    Today’s realities and intangibles have changed the face of value

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    Global Equities: The COVID-19 effect

    December 2020 (Magazine)

    The pandemic has clearly shaken up the equity markets but which trends are likely to persist in the long term?