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Asset Allocation

Fixed income, rates, currencies: A hawkish Fed spooks all

November 2018 (magazine)By Caroline Hay

Not many predicted the equity sell-off at the start of the fourth quarter, and there is still puzzlement as to what triggered it

Fixed income, Rates, Currencies: America leads the way

October 2018 (magazine)By Caroline Hay

Emerging markets have endured a difficult summer. Market sensitivities were heightened by fears of a trade war and the reality that the US Federal Reserve will keep raising interest rates. The flashpoints in Argentina and Turkey have focused attention on the EM universe, particularly the more vulnerable economies with less healthy fundamentals.

saul butt

Ahead of the Curve: Trends to heed in renewables

October 2018 (magazine)By Saul Butt

Big data and predictive analytics are two developing trends that can dramatically improve how renewable energy investments are made

Asset Allocation: The summer doldrums

September 2018 (magazine)By Caroline Hay

Summer doldrums have a tendency to mark their arrival with volatility. This year trade tensions, particularly between the US and China, and fears of escalation are flustering shallow, and less liquid, financial markets

Asset Allocation: Nessun dorma

July/August 2018 (magazine)By Caroline Hay

There have been many times when Italy’s volatile politics have entertained the world. And occasions when that volatility has spilled into financial markets

Asset Allocation: Testing economic normality

June 2018 (magazine)By Caroline Hay

Although the world economy is moving towards normalisation, after the global financial crisis, it is still testing, and sometimes breaching, so-called normal bounds

Asset Allocation: Uncertainties on the rise

May 2018 (magazine)By Caroline Hay

While rates markets remain focused on inflation and growth data, risk appetites appear more affected by the international politics of trade, led by the US

Fixed income, rates, currencies: Trump fails to rattle markets

April 2018 (magazine)By Caroline Hay

Geopolitics is certainly adding to the mix for increasing volatilities across markets, with trade news being at the top of minds

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Benchmarking: Redefining investment classes

November 2018 (magazine)By Dewi John

A major GICS index methodology change seeks to reflect underlying market economics

Liquid Alternatives: The long and the short of it

November 2018 (magazine)By Josh Jones

The long/short liquid alternatives universe is more hetreogenous than some realise

Chinese Bonds: Too big to ignore?

October 2018 (magazine)By Florence Chong

Recent tax reforms and the expected inclusion in global indices of Chinese sovereign bonds has shone a spotlight on a vast, under-exploited, multi-trillion bond market

Briefing: How to model a trade war

October 2018 (magazine)By Christoph Schon

So how does one model the effect of further tariffs on a portfolio? This article shows how to construct a potential trade-war scenario and analyse the impact on a euro-denominated global multi-asset class portfolio

bob swarup

Macro Matters: Emerging tensions

October 2018 (magazine)By Bob Swarup

Amid all the talk of deglobalisation, certain tenets of the world remain fixed in our minds. Key among these assumptions is the status of the dollar as the global reserve currency. 

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jim hawley and jon lukomnik

Guest Viewpoint: Jim Hawley and Jon Lukomnik

October 2018 (magazine)

It is fitting that we launched our ‘Purpose of Asset Management’ paper in London, not far from 221b Baker Street, the home of the famous fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes. 

amla n roy

Guest Viewpoint: Amlan Roy

July/August 2018 (magazine)By Amlan Roy

Incorporating changing behaviour and technological trends in retirement planning is essential

Guest Viewpoint: Fiona Stewart & Georg Inderst

June 2018 (magazine)By Fiona Stewart, Georg Inderst

“A growing body of research shows ESG factors are a material credit risk for fixed-income investors”

Guest Viewpoint: Christopher Ailman & Mark Walker

May 2018 (magazine)

Words matter, but sometimes they can get in the way. Impact investing, mission-based investing, responsible investment, double and triple-bottom-line investing, ESG factors, and even sustainable investment. All of these terms can have both positive and negative connotations for investors. 

luke hildyard

Guest viewpoint: Luke Hildyard

March 2018 (magazine)By

“The potential impact of climate change on investments should be considered at least on an annual basis”

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