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Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation: Alternatives key to raise returns

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Pension funds are increasing their allocations to alternative and illiquid assets in a bid to boost flagging returns

refinitiv ipsos primary consumer sentiment index

Fixed income, rates, currencies: Clouded by uncertainty

November 2019 (Magazine)By Caroline Hay

It was predictable that risk markets should have reacted positively to the news of an agreement in principle in the US-China trade negotiations. Although assuredly better than a seemingly relentless stream of bad will between the protagonists, the provisional agreement is in no way a solution to the conflict. Another round of trade talks could be necessary just to reach a tentative accord. Investors would be wise to temper enthusiasm to extrapolate the ‘good news’ too far.

the duration bubble

Ahead of the curve: The duration bubble

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Has the world entered a new paradigm in which growth, inflation and value investing are dead? Various indicators might have us believe this is the case. 

10 year govt zero rates

Axioma Riskwatch November 2019

November 2019 (Magazine)

Data as of 30 September 2019

virtu global tradewatch

Virtu Global Tradewatch November 2019

November 2019 (Magazine)

September 2019 data as of 10 October 2019.

net sentiment bonds

IPE Quest Expectations Indicator: November 2019

November 2019 (Magazine)By Peter Kraneveld

Bond sentiment has been trending upwards for a year, approaching a net value of zero everywhere, except in the EU. Analysts contend that central banks have secured a soft landing. 

german asset allocation

Briefing: Coping with lower for much longer

October 2019 (Magazine)By

German institutional investors have shifted their asset allocation due to low bond yields

On the Record: Lower yields

October 2019 (Magazine)By

After the ECB’s announcement of more QE, we asked two pension funds how they plan to manage the prospect of lower yields

All Asset Allocation - IPE Magazine

Briefing: There is still room for growth

November 2019 (Magazine)By David Turner

Equity investors putting faith in growth stocks – stocks that are priced expensively relative to fundamentals because they are expected to grow fast – received a shock in early September when they sold off sharply.

dan aylott

Briefing: Alternatives to large-cap buyouts

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Large buyout funds are a staple ingredient in many institutional pension funds’ private-equity portfolios. Focusing on more diversified private-market strategies could be a better way to achieve return objectives

ecb deposit rate

Briefing: Draghi’s parting gift on ECB stance

October 2019 (Magazine)By David Turner

If anyone in Europe was left in any doubt on 11 September about the dovishness of the European Central Bank (ECB) under Mario Draghi’s leadership, by close of business on the next day their doubts were surely dispelled. On that day the outgoing president of the ECB unleashed a bout of monetary easing, in an attempt to boost euro-zone inflation from 1% to its target of “below, but close to, 2% over the medium term”.

effective federal funds rate

Briefing: US makes rapid turnaround

October 2019 (Magazine)By Vanessa Drucker

Father Christmas delivered a sack of coal to equity markets last Christmas Eve, with the S&P 500 index losing 1.8%, following a three-day slide. Forecasters had previously been expecting two or three rate hikes in December, as Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell steered that discussion. He had mistakenly assumed that the economy had not yet reached a normal, ...

president emmanuel macron and chancellor angela merkel

Briefing: Deep tensions threaten EU vision

October 2019 (Magazine)By Bob Swarup

This is not a commentary on the UK within or without Europe. Brexit has been a compelling distraction but it is one macroeconomic strand in a complex world. The overwhelming coverage has also moved attention away from key internal tensions within the European project. 

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kerrin rosenberg

Guest viewpoint: Kerrin Rosenberg

November 2019 (Magazine)By

“It is crucial to remember that the focus on good governance extends to including illiquid and private investment”

jen choi hi res new square

Guest viewpoint: Jennifer Choi & Brian Hoehn

October 2019 (Magazine)By ,

“Principles 3.0 is intended to offer a road map to optimal partnerships in the private equity industry”

it is incumbent on us to find a solution to the privatisation of wealth accumulation

Guest viewpoint: Tracy Blackwell, Pension Insurance Corporation

September 2019 (Magazine)By

The financial services industry is one of the least trusted in the UK. The Purpose of Finance project aims to address issues of trust and reform

Guest viewpoint: Adam Matthews and John Howchin

July/August 2019 (magazine)

“The Brumadinho dam tragedy causes us to question if we have created the conditions for a set of disasters”

beat zaugg

Guest viewpoint: Beat Zaugg

June 2019 (Magazine)By

A striking indication of ESG’s importance in Switzerland is that Ueli Maurer, the country’s president, will be the keynote speaker at the Swiss Sustainable Finance annual conference in Bern

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