Pensions in Austria

Pensions in Austria: Broadening the horizons

April 2016 (Magazine)By

Like their international counterparts, Austrian Pensionskassen must find new sources of return. Barbara Ottawa reports on the potential opportunities

Interview: Karl Timmel CEO, VBV

April 2016 (Magazine)By

Karl Timmel, CEO of Austria’s largest Pensionskasse, VBV, helped to set up the second pillar in the country more than two decades ago

Pensions In Austria

Austrian Provident Funds: The pensions challenger

April 2015 (Magazine)By

Mandatory contributions mean Austrian provident funds are catching up with Pensionskassen both as institutional investors and in terms of business strategy

Occupational Pensions: Austria's unloved funds

April 2015 (Magazine)By

Despite good long-term performance, few companies are making use of a multi-employer pension fund or indeed any form of occupational pension

Top 1000: Austria - The fight against inertia

September 2014 (Magazine)By

Every Austrian born after 1955 who has accrued pension benefits in the state pension system now has a new account, the Pensionskonto. And for the first time, each citizen has also received a letter in which they are informed about their pension benefits from the first pillar pay-as-you-go scheme.

Top 1000: Finland - A focus on solvency and governance

September 2014 (Magazine)By

Implementation of Solvency II continues apace. Wide-ranging reforms will raise the retirement age and there has been a focus on transparency following a governance scandal.

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Museum of Art History, Vienna

Austrian pension fund association calls for mandatory system

Wed, 18 Jan 2017By

Austrian schemes return nearly 4.2% on average over 2016

Museum of Art History, Vienna

IPE Conference: Lower pension payouts in German-speaking Europe

Thu, 1 Dec 2016By

Germany, Austria and Switzerland with system debates – but rather different ones

Milan, Italy

Amundi acquires Pioneer, seeks to grow European distribution

December 2016 (Online)By

Deal includes distribution agreement with UniCredit covering three major European markets

Museum of Art History, Vienna

Brexit could derail cross-border pensions, resurrect HBS, experts warn

Fri, 21 Oct 2016By

German industry experts lament loss of British ‘allies’ in EU pensions debate

St. Francis of Assisi Church in Vienna, Austria

Rebounding stock markets help Austrian pension funds turn corner

Wed, 12 Oct 2016By

Schemes return 3.3% on average over first nine months of year

Austria: Are times changing too swiftly?

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Austria’s second pillar remains stuck amid inertia, market mistrust, political half-heartedness and global uncertainty

St. Francis of Assisi Church in Vienna, Austria

Austrian pension association proposes new long-term savings vehicle

Thu, 25 Aug 2016By

Head of pension fund association also attacks ECB interest rates as ’borderline irresponsible’, expresses hope of greater ’pension coverage

Sunset in Zurich, Switzerland

Vontobel buys Swiss Raiffeisen asset management unit Vescore

Fri, 1 Jul 2016By

Swiss banks say deal part of move to strengthen collaboration

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