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Pensions in Germany: The joys of negative rates

April 2016 (Magazine)By

German pension investors are boxed in. With the prospect of negative 10-year Bund yields, they are forced to expand their fixed-income exposure

Corporate Pensions: A shift in risk perception

April 2016 (Magazine)

Corporate pension schemes need to change the status quo in terms of governance and implementation if they are to meet their goals, writes Nigel Cresswell

Domestic Accounting: Discounting the future

April 2016 (Magazine)By

The new discount rate to be applied to pension liabilities under German accounting standards simply postpones a serious problem

Domestic Accounting: A half-hearted compromise

April 2016 (Magazine)

Thomas Hagemann reviews changes to the discount rate methodology applied by corporates to calculate pension liabilities

Investment Tax Reform: A simplification gone wrong

April 2016 (Magazine)By

The investment industry has successfully lobbied against many new requirements in the investment tax reform law. Barbara Ottawa says it might not be so fortunate in the future

Pension In Germany 1

Sector fund proposals: A new tune for German pensions?

April 2015 (Magazine)

The German government wants more companies to participate in the second pillar with the introduction of §17b sector pension plan. But the pension industry is hard to please

Interview: Prof Bert Rürup - A critical view on policy

April 2015 (Magazine)By

Barbara Ottawa asked pension figurehead Prof Bert Rürup about pension reforms past and future

Viewpoint: Heribert Karch - German occupational pensions association

April 2015 (Magazine)

Heribert Karch addresses whether the German goverment will be able to introduce the pure defined contribution schemes outlined in its recent pension reform proposals

Germany's corporate funds: Status quo needs a makeover

April 2015 (Magazine)

Nigel Cresswell looks at how German corporate pension funds are dealing with the current economic headwinds and tailwinds 

German funds under pressure to review asset allocation

April 2015 (Magazine)By

German pension funds must review their strategic asset allocation to avoid headwinds in the fixed-income market

German Versorgungswerke: Infrastructure, here we come

April 2015 (Magazine)

German Versorgungswerke have the go ahead to increase infrastructure lending – but a shortage in supply hinders growth

Spezialfonds: A boost for the sector

April 2015 (Magazine)

Hans-Jürgen Dannheisig and Clemens Schuerhoff assess drivers in the German Spezialfonds business and changes in the asset management industry

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Munich, Germany

Germany roundup: BVK, RP Crest, Willis Towers Watson

Wed, 18 Jan 2017By

BVK to invest in RP Crest volatility risk premium fund

Business people walking

German trade union for service industries eyes new pension fund set-up

Tue, 17 Jan 2017By

Scheme for metal industry reportedly seen as possible model

Berlin sunset

Pension fund for Berlin doctors turns back on coal

Mon, 16 Jan 2017By

Divestment from companies with 25% turnover from coal applies to 1% of equities

Stock price on monitor

High-deficit pension sponsors ‘could outperform’ in 2017

Fri, 6 Jan 2017By

Strategist backs basket of stocks with significantly underfunded pension schemes to outperform

landscape Berlin

German government ignores industry in revised pensions reform draft

Fri, 23 Dec 2016By

Final draft of the new second pillar law sent to parliament – largely unchanged

OECD conference centre Paris

Unify civil servant, private sector pension scheme rules, says OECD

Wed, 7 Dec 2016By

In many OECD countries, civil servant replacement rates 20 percentage points higher than in private sector

Museum of Art History, Vienna

IPE Conference: Lower pension payouts in German-speaking Europe

Thu, 1 Dec 2016By

Germany, Austria and Switzerland with system debates – but rather different ones

Milan, Italy

Amundi acquires Pioneer, seeks to grow European distribution

December 2016 (Online)By

Deal includes distribution agreement with UniCredit covering three major European markets

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