Pensions in Switzerland

Instead of sound and light displays, the Swiss Parliament should be resolving the delays to Altersvorsorge 2020

Pensions In Switzerland: Parliamentary ping pong

November 2016 (Magazine)By

A political stalemate is holding up Switzerland’s Altersvorsorge 2020 pensions reform package. And now time is running out, as Barbara Ottawa finds 

Asset Allocation: Curves, currency and costs

November 2016 (Magazine)By

More than anywhere else, the low and negative interest rate environment is shaping Swiss portfolios. But investment challenges are quite particular, finds Barbara Ottawa

Financial Sustainability: Are there enough assets?

November 2016 (Magazine)

Lukas Riesen and Stephan Skaanes ask whether Swiss pension funds can financially afford their promises

Sector slams government proposals for regulation on Switzerland's 1e plans

November 2016 (Magazine)By

An initial government proposal for a regulation on self-guided top-up pension plans for high earners has been slammed

Swiss market liquidity: Anything left to drink?

November 2016 (Magazine)

Robert Cranston assesses liquidity trends in Swiss markets

Interview: Jacqueline Oh, Swiss Association for Responsible Investments

November 2016 (Magazine)By

Jacqueline Oh, managing director of SVVK/ASIR, believes Swiss pension funds are lagging behind some of their European peers when it comes to sustainable investments. But they are catching up

Pensions in Switzerland

Pensions In Switzerland: Caught in an impasse

May 2016 (Magazine)By

Swiss pension funds are still coming to terms with negative bond yields and uncertainty over the strength of the Swiss franc. Daniel Ben-Ami examines the considerable challenges they face

Domestic investment: Returns, but at what cost?

May 2016 (Magazine)By

Although Swiss pension funds have a low home bias, local investments still make up a substantial proportion of their portfolios

Interview: Roger Tischhauser

May 2016 (Magazine)By

Roger Tischhauser is responsible for 40% of the assets in the Swiss second pillar and is an agent for reform in the pensions debate

Interview: André Tapernoux

May 2016 (Magazine)By

Pension funds should be more realistic about evaluating liabilities, André Tapernoux tells Barbara Ottawa

Second Pillar: Technical difficulties

May 2016 (Magazine)By

Despite the challenges facing Switzerland’s second-pillar pension the necessary overhaul of the system is still a long way off, says Barbara Ottawa 


Pensions in Switzerland: Retirement reform revisited

December 2015 (Magazine)By

Switzerland’s programme for pension fund reform is back on the agenda following the strong showing by the centre right in the recent federal elections

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The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Switzerland's Publica posts 5.06% return for 2016

Wed, 18 Jan 2017By

Pension fund for federal employees highlights EM, domestic real estate returns

Zurich, Switzerland

Trump win delivers end-2016 boost for Swiss pension plan funding

Tue, 17 Jan 2017By

Willis Towers Watson funded ratio index up to 96.8%, while Credit Suisse returns index reaches all-time high

Homburg ruin in Switzerland Basel Landschaft canton

More Swiss pension funds making cuts affecting future benefits

Thu, 12 Jan 2017By ,

Pension funds for cantons of Basel, Geneva lower pension promises for future retirees 

Swiss National Bank

Swiss trade unions call on central bank to refund negative interest

Wed, 11 Jan 2017By

Federation suggests payment could be made via second-pillar insolvency protection fund

Bern, Switzerland

Swiss pensions reform in question after upper chamber sticks to guns

Thu, 22 Dec 2016By

AV2020 reform package in ‘crisis’, says industry expert 

Bern, Switzerland

Former Publica head returns to Swiss buy-side at canton pension fund

Wed, 21 Dec 2016By

Werner Hertzog joins Bernische Pensionskasse more than two years after parting ways with Aon Hewitt 


IPE Conference: Beware 'knee-jerk' reactions to fee levels

Mon, 5 Dec 2016By

Panel on costs, fees warns of overly hasty reactions to fee levels, but asset managers ‘need to do better’ 

Museum of Art History, Vienna

IPE Conference: Lower pension payouts in German-speaking Europe

Thu, 1 Dec 2016By

Germany, Austria and Switzerland with system debates – but rather different ones

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