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Active Management

the active game

Special Report Active Management: The active game

February 2017 (Magazine)By

Asset management is attracting growing attention from new competition as well as regulators and politicians, finds Brendan Maton

Factors shaking the alpha world

February 2017 (Magazine)

Active management is under increasing scrutiny as investors become more savvy about how returns are generated. This is leading to a debate about alpha equity factors 

Sharing Alpha: A fair share of the rewards

February 2017 (Magazine)By

Investors should discuss how they share alpha with asset managers. But it is easier said than done

Transaction Costs: Keep tabs on price of investing

February 2017 (Magazine)By

Commissions are far from the only fees that investors and managers need to take account of when carrying out investment transactions

Manager Selection: Active management still valid

February 2017 (Magazine)By Casper Hammerich

Jakob Møller Hommel and Casper Hammerich argue that actively managed funds should not be written off yet. The key is to choose and monitor active managers with care

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