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Introduction: Competition and innovation

October 2018 (magazine)By

Consolidation has been a hallmark of the ETF sector in recent years as the market continues its growth trajectory, with global assets exceeding $5.7trn

The market: Tools in tune with the zeitgeist

October 2018 (magazine)By Hugo Greenhalgh

2018 marks the year that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) dedicated to tracking environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues truly became mainstream

The market: ETF products and the current market

October 2018 (magazine)By Elizabeth Pfeuti

As the present elongated bull run is beginning to make some market participants nervous, investors should assess which ETF products could help them navigate changing market conditions

The market: M&A activity in European ETFs

October 2018 (magazine)By

The European ETF industry is still relatively youthful compared with its US counterpart, but already there have been significant mergers and acquisitions

assets invested in european domiciled etfs

The market: Understanding the ETF landscape and flows in Europe

October 2018 (magazine)By

April 2018 marked the 18th anniversary of the listing of the first ETF in Europe. Although no longer a new product, their growth rate continues to be impressive

The market: Transatlantic invasion

October 2018 (magazine)By

The Americans are coming! But unlike the US cavalry providing an 11th-hour rescue in the last reel of an old-time Western, these Americans are moving in on what they hope will be a lucrative European ETF market

Implementation: Five myths about ETFs debunked

October 2018 (magazine)By Rachael Revesz

Over the years, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have attracted their fair share of criticism from market participants, regulators and investors

the etf ecosystem

Implementation: The future is active

October 2018 (magazine)By

While passive ETFs continue to dominate flows, active ETFs are one of the factors that will drive further growth in the sector

Implementation: A liquid diet for trustees

October 2018 (magazine)By

The balancing act of locking assets up whilst retaining enough liquidity to meet member benefits, if done correctly, can improve the returns generated from a scheme’s asset allocation

total cost for 2x leverage

Implementation: A cost comparison of futures and ETFs

October 2018 (magazine)By ,

The investment management industry has seen a relentless drive to wring out costs. A good grasp of implementation cost of using different vehicles for the same strategy matters

market participant returns after adjusting for costs

Fixed income: The growing world of fixed income ETFs

October 2018 (magazine)By

The fixed income ETFs market has experienced rapid growth in recent years as more investors are now finding a role for them in their portfolios

historical evolution of the number of bonds and median average bond size in the bloomberg barclays global aggregate index market value

Fixed income: Consistent growth in a changing landscape

October 2018 (magazine)By

Fixed income, an asset class that historically traded over the counter, is increasingly being traded on exchange through exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

ESG: Building impact and values into portfolios

October 2018 (magazine)By Rachael Revesz

Exchange-traded funds that prioritise environmental, social and governance matters have grown exponentially in popularity over the past few years

ESG: Managing indices to match convictions

October 2018 (magazine)By

More and more investors know it is perfectly possible to link index management with responsible investment by choosing an index fund or an ETF

ESG: Responsible investing that reduces your carbon footprint

October 2018 (magazine)By ,

The development of ESG indices reflects growing interest in divesting out of fossil fuel investments to address the threat posed by global warming

etfs used in the study

Factor investing & smart beta: What’s in a name?

October 2018 (magazine)By ,

Many smart beta ETFs are bought with the expectation of long-term market outperformance. The factors that many are based on have been proven both academically and empirically to produce excess returns

Factor investing & smart beta: Advances in factor-based fixed income indices

October 2018 (magazine)By ,

Global fixed income investors have benefited from a long bull market that began in the early 1990s

an index performance

Factor investing & smart beta: The smart beta (r)evolution

October 2018 (magazine)By

The ability of stocks with certain investment characteristics to outperform the market has been well understood and documented for decades. But options of how to implement this strategy were limited

Markets & regions: Spotlight on US equities

October 2018 (magazine)By

US equities have proven overwhelmingly popular with investors desperate for signs of economic growth

Markets & regions: Using ETFs to position for a US–China trade war

October 2018 (magazine)By

Many media and market commentators believe that the potential US-China trade war could be one of the largest risks facing the global economy

aum of etfs listed on the tokyo stock exchange

Markets & regions: The dynamic market in Japanese equity ETFs

October 2018 (magazine)By

Opinions of Japan as a market tend to be quite polarised and the country has looked cheap on a valuation basis for quite some time, both historically and relatively

Markets & regions: How commodities strategies can help investors diversify their portfolios

October 2018 (magazine)By

In the current market environment, investors are looking for asset classes that can lower overall portfolio volatility without sacrificing returns

price of one bitcoin

New frontiers: Getting to grips with cryptocurrencies

October 2018 (magazine)By Paul Amery

For institutional investors and asset managers, crypto-currencies pose a triple dilemma

New frontiers: Esoteric ETFs – egregious or genius?

October 2018 (magazine)By Elizabeth Pfeuti

From companies capitalising on cannabis decriminalisation to the streaming of Quincy Jones’s music, you can almost guarantee there is an ETF available to enable you to invest in it

Regulation: Spotlight on liquidity, transparency and viability

October 2018 (magazine)By

ETFs may represent a tiny speck on the overall investment landscape but they are one of the fastest-growing products in the investment industry

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