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ESG: The metrics jigsaw


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liam kennedy

Bespoke approaches

ETFs Guide 2019By

If you can’t find the product you want, why not build your own?

arnaud llinas

Market Update: The ETF boom continues

ETFs Guide 2019By Paul Amery

Around the world, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continue to grow in assets and importance, breaking records along the way.

manooj mistry

Market Update: The competitive battle intensifies

ETFs Guide 2019By

Despite the growth in European ETF assets, issuers are facing margin pressure caused by fee cuts.

ipe etfs guide 2019

Market Update: The drum beats on: ETFs for the ongoing trade war

ETFs Guide 2019By Christopher Mellor

This time last year, we were looking at how trade relations between the US and China might play out and the best way to position a portfolio – especially in terms of sectors – according to which scenario an investor thought was most likely.

simon klein dws

Market Update: Can European ETF assets double again?

ETFs Guide 2019By

Earlier this year, ETFs and ETPs listed in Europe celebrated a record 55 consecutive months of net inflows, only 19 years after the first ETFs in Europe were launched.

matthieu guignard amundi etf

Liquidity & Implementation: Woodford fallout renews focus on ETF risks

ETFs Guide 2019By

The recent suspension of redemptions from Neil Woodford’s Equity Income fund is a cautionary tale and one that has further sharpened the spotlight on the liquidity of mutual funds, a category that includes exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

replicating a strategic asset allocation

Liquidity & Implementation: Liquid beta sleeves: bespoke solutions with index building blocks

ETFs Guide 2019By

Liquidity in a pension fund context can mean a number of things. As long-term investors, pension funds can harvest the illiquidity premia by investing in private markets, which they have been doing increasingly over the past 10 years.1 On the other hand, pension funds are required to meet their liabilities and so need enough liquidity to ensure the payment of benefits to members.

active etf assets

Liquidity & Implementation: Will all mutual funds become ETFs?

ETFs Guide 2019By Rachael Revesz

It took almost five years, but the US regulator still surprised many in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry when it gave preliminary approval to Precidian Investments’ ActiveShares in May. 

1 fully funded us investor scenario

Liquidity & Implementation: A cost comparison: futures versus ETFs

ETFs Guide 2019By Paul Woolman

In this article, we use a cost comparison framework to contrast index futures (CME Group’s E-mini S&P 500 index futures) and three popular US-listed exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tracking the same index – SPY, VOO and IVV.  

howie li lgim

Liquidity & Implementation: The shifting sands of index provision

ETFs Guide 2019By Charlotte Moore

As ETFs are created to track ever more specialised market exposures, competitive pressures and new regulations are impacting the complex relationships between asset managers and index providers.

1 annualised excess return of indexed portfolios with esg tilt

ETFs for ESG: Why passive makes sense for ESG

ETFs Guide 2019By

ESG investing – the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment criteria – has grown rapidly in recent years.

amra balic black rock

ETFs for ESG: The ESG governance challenge

ETFs Guide 2019By Rachael Revesz

An increasing number of institutional investors are interested in investments with an environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) focus. 

ETFs for ESG: Sustainable investing is here to stay

ETFs Guide 2019By

Sustainable investing was once viewed as a trade-off between value and ‘values’. Yet today, it’s something investors can no longer afford to ignore.

remy briand

ETFs for ESG: The devil in the detail of ‘low carbon’ ETFs

ETFs Guide 2019By Dewi John

Sustainable market indices are nothing new. The Dow Jones Sustainability index was launched in 1999 and the FTSE4Good index in 2001.

 japanese cross shareholding ratio

ETFs for ESG: Corporate governance for passive investors in Japanese equities

ETFs Guide 2019By

The Japanese economy has been experiencing significant and positive change since the election of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2012. After a sustained period of economic stagnation, Japan’s return to growth is being fuelled by Abe’s transformative economic policies. 

noel archard

ETFs for ESG: Gender equality ETFs gain a foothold

ETFs Guide 2019By Rachael Revesz

Can a new category of ETFs help address one of the oldest economic imbalances of all?

european fixed income etf aum

Focus on Fixed Income: The rise and rise of fixed income ETFs

ETFs Guide 2019By Liz Pfeuti

When ETFs first broke up the active management party in the fallout of the financial crisis, it was equity funds that bore the brunt of the impact.

the etf ecosystem

Focus on Fixed Income: ETFs: the natural home for fixed income

ETFs Guide 2019By Thomas Stephens

In recent years, fixed income ETFs have been grabbing a larger slice of the ETF market as investors look to capitalise on the enhanced diversification, tradeability, price transparency and liquidity they can provide to bond portfolios. According to the latest research by Citi Business Advisory Services, fixed income ETF assets have increased at a robust 25% annual compound growth rate over the last decade, hitting more than $870bn by the end of 2018.

etf aum vs total market aum

Focus on Fixed Income: Do fixed income ETFs distort the market?

ETFs Guide 2019By

In this article, which is an excerpt from a recent State Street Global Advisors publication, we address one of the key misconceptions about fixed income (bond) ETFs – namely, that they have become so large that they are distorting the underlying bond market. Instead, we argue, despite their recent growth, fixed income ETFs represent a relatively small proportion of the world’s debt markets.

shares emea bond etf range spread and turnover

Focus on Fixed Income: Bond ETFs, the Swiss army knife in a time of need

ETFs Guide 2019By

Fixed income will play both a pivotal and multi-faceted role in European pensions scheme portfolios. Whether it be for growth, income or liability and cash flow matching, many schemes in the region will need to hold bonds as they de-risk in a low yield environment.

Focus on Fixed Income: Actively managing today’s green bond opportunities

ETFs Guide 2019By Gail Counihan

In this article we examine the process for green bond labelling and certification and its implication for index investors. Passive (index-tracking) green bond funds are bound by eligibility rules and each index has its own labelling requirements.

mapping sector slopes

Markets & Regions: Factor investing in commodities: a sector-based approach

ETFs Guide 2019By Kartik Ghia

Commodities have long been a staple of multi-asset investors. Traditionally used to diversify exposure to fixed income and equity holdings, they are more recently also a source of alternative risk premia. Whatever the use case, the desired feature of any commodities allocation is some combination of attractive performance, sufficient liquidity, and a transparent methodology. 

Markets & Regions: China unleashed: taming the dragon through ETFs

ETFs Guide 2019By Joseph Molloy

Despite its favourable fundamentals and widely acknowledged growth potential, China continues to be under-owned by most global investors. 

bernie thurston

Innovation: What could disrupt ETFs?

ETFs Guide 2019By

Over the last two decades, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been one of the most disruptive forces in the asset management industry. But could the tables be turned? In an era of excitement over the possibilities of financial technology (fintech), are ETFs vulnerable to being displaced themselves?

howie li

Innovation: Bringing ETFs into the digital future

ETFs Guide 2019By Liz Pfeuti

Over the past 18 months there has been an explosion in the number of ETFs focusing on new technology. From iShares to Ossiam, DWS to veteran investor Jim Rogers, it seems everyone has launched a fund based on how digitisation will revolutionise our lives.

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