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Outlook 2017

IPE Outlook 2017

Outlook 2017: Will the great unravelling continue?

December 2016 (Magazine)

If 2017 contains half the shock level of 2016 it will be a momentous year. This year saw not just one but two heavy blows to the established global order

Outlook 2017: Four trends to look out for

December 2016 (Magazine)By

Daniel Ben-Ami outlines key factors likely to have an impact on investment performance in the coming year

Outlook 2017: Paris Agreement focuses minds

December 2016 (Magazine)By

The speedy ratification of the COP21 climate change deal cements the investment relevance of action against global warming, reports Susanna Rust

Outlook 2017: The rise of populism

December 2016 (Magazine)By ,

Electorial victories by populist movements in Europe would have serious implications for institutional investors, warn Gijsbert de Lange and Cees Harm van den Berg


Outlook 2017: Political focus - Europe

December 2016 (Magazine)By ,

Geopolitical tensions look set to be felt across Europe in 2017. Daniel Ben-Ami and Carlo Svaluto Moreolo outline some of the most important

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