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Top 1000 Pension Funds

IPE Top 1000: European pension assets grow by 9%

September 2016 (Magazine)

Europe’s pension funds now manage more than €6.7trn in combined assets, a year-on-year increase of 9.4%, according to IPE’s latest Top 1000 Pension Funds survey.

Top 1000: Faint praise for IORP II compromise

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Agreement on the final draft of the IORP II Directive has finally been reached. Susanna Rust outlines the key points

Austria: Are times changing too swiftly?

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Austria’s second pillar remains stuck amid inertia, market mistrust, political half-heartedness and global uncertainty

Belgium: Uncertainty as new law kicks in quickly

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Pension funds may remain attractive despite a move to reduce the minimum guarantee rate

Denmark: A time of adjustments

September 2016 (Magazine)By

The implementation of Solvency II into Danish law means there are now no large single regulatory issues outstanding

Finland: Private sector funds subject to new solvency rules

September 2016 (Magazine)By

The parameters of investment and liability risks of first-pillar funds have been re-calculated following a major overhaul of the country’s solvency framework

France: Pension funds à la française

September 2016 (Magazine)By

For the first time occupational pensions are to receive a dedicated regulatory underpinning of their own


Germany: On the pre-election reform drive

September 2016 (Magazine)By

The German government is hoping to finalise a major reform of the pension system before key state elections in spring 2017

Iceland Top 1000

Iceland: Back from the cold as funds diversify abroad

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Iceland’s central bank is relaxing capital controls and encouraging the pension sector to look to a future without restriction

Ireland: Desire for progress, lack of action

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Ireland is on the verge of radical pension reform, with the government and regulator laying the groundwork for a defined contribution future

Italy: Early retirement tops the agenda

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Italy’s government responds to calls to increase flexibility in accessing the state pension, while second-pillar schemes search for solutions of their own

The Netherlands: On the way to a new system index

The Netherlands: On the way to a new system

September 2016 (Magazine)By

The Dutch cabinet is weighing up proposals for a new sustainable pension system that retains the support of younger workers and is fair to all generations

Norway: Simplified Solvency II rules are on the cards

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Pension funds will continue to operate under Solvency I rules this year, but there are plans for Solvency II-type requirements by 2018

Top 1000 Portugal

Portugal: Back on the right track

September 2016 (Magazine)By

After lawmakers stabilised the public pension system, Portuguese private pension funds are poised to grow their participation in the country’s economic system

Spain: Political standstill halts reform

September 2016 (Magazine)By

The Spanish pension system needs significant adjustment to ensure its sustainability, but politics has got in the way

Sweden: AP fund project runs out of steam

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Sweden’s government has abandoned its long-held ambition to reform the AP Fund system and faces an industry opposed to the introduction of Solvency II

Top 1000 Switzerland

Switzerland: AV2020 project rumbles on

September 2016 (Magazine)By

The federal government’s reform package is making its way through parliament but it must navigate a number of public referendums before it can see the light of day

London Eye

UK: Pace of reform slows down

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Following the relative success of auto-enrolment, the UK has turned its attention to ensuring its pension system is fit for purpose

All Top 1000 Pension Funds

UK LGPS: Good news is good news

March 2017 (Magazine)By Brian Bollen

Securities services providers have a ring-side view of the pooling process for the UK local government pension sector. Brian Bollen polls the opinions

Regulation Roundup: Pension outlook in Europe

March 2017 (Magazine)By

IPE reviews regulatory and legislative changes affecting pensions in key European countries

Germany: A disappointing revolution

February 2017 (Magazine)By

The government is opening the door to pension plans that will lighten the burden on companies, yet the pensions industry is still dissatisfied, Barbara Ottawa reports

Pension Investing: Asset allocation to stay a relative value game

January 2017 (Magazine)By , Amin Rajan

In the second article in a new series, Pascal Blanque and Amin Rajan argue that quantitative easing will continue to distort asset prices for the foreseeable future despite the rise of populist politics

A macro demographic analysis of pensions investing

January 2017 (Magazine)

Amlan Roy argues for a broader understanding of the factors that drive pension fund risk and asset allocation

Accounting: Just ignore the FRC

November 2016 (Magazine)By

The UK government’s release of documents under the Freedom of Information Act has brought into question the Financial Reporting Council’s pronouncements on distributable profits. Stephen Bouvier explores the issue

US Pension Governance: Upgrading for the 21st century

September 2016 (Magazine)By Christopher O’Dea

US public pension scheme trustees are having to develop the expertise and structures to deal with increasingly complex operations and demands of the sector. Christopher O’Dea reports

Asian Pension Funds: Strength in numbers

September 2016 (Magazine)

Partnerships, co-investments and asset pooling are on the rise as Asian institutions take a more collaborative approach towards investment

Resaver: Researchers in cross-border test

July / August 2016 (Magazine)By

A pension plan for European academics could become a model for cross-border pensions, writes Barbara Ottawa

Pensions Accounting: Appeal of a lesser evil

July / August 2016 (Magazine)By

The International Accounting Standards Board has agreed to investigate a last-ditch attempt to address the challenge of hybrid-risk plans. Stephen Bouvier explores the issues is Sweden’s user-friendly pension portal

Communication: Lessons from Scandinavia

June 2016 (Magazine)By

The UK can learn from Scandinavia as it seeks to implement a pensions dashboard by 2019

Accounting: Lease liabilities are real liabilities

May 2016 (Magazine)By

Stephen Bouvier explores the implications for pension liabilities of the IASB’s new leasing standard

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