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Top 1000 Pension Funds

top 1000 pension funds 2018

Top 1000 Pension Funds 2018: A snapshot of a €7.2trn asset pool

September 2018 (magazine)By

The asset pool of Europe’s leading 1000 retirement funds now exceeds €7.22trn – a 2.49% increase over last year’s 4.45%

Austria: Overcoming a troubled legacy

September 2018 (magazine)By

The challenge facing Austrian pension funds is their turbulent past rather than the new IORP II regulation

Belgium: Portability pain

September 2018 (magazine)By

Belgium has been accused of ‘gold plating’ the EU portability directive

Denmark: Addressing the problem of ‘interplay’

September 2018 (magazine)By

Measures are being put in place to make saving for retirement more attractive

Finland: Waiting for sustainability plan

September 2018 (magazine)By Reeta Paakkinen

Pension funds are awaiting news on how the European Commission’s sustainable finance action plan will be adopted in the country

France: Sprucing up supplementary savings

September 2018 (magazine)By

A new law seeks to boost the attractiveness of pension scheme savings vehicles

Germany: The loneliness of complexity

September 2018 (magazine)By

Pension funds are not happy with the European regulator or with their government regarding IORP II 

Iceland: Dominant force

September 2018 (magazine)By

Measures have been proposed to reduce the risk posed by the prominent role of pension funds in Iceland’s economy

Ireland: Building a 21st century pension system

September 2018 (magazine)By

The government is planning sweeping changes to the country’s entire pension system

Italy: New government prioritises public pension overhaul

September 2018 (magazine)By

Planned reform of first-pillar pensions will overturn some key changes introduced after the onset of the euro-zone crisis

Netherlands: Reform delayed

September 2018 (magazine)By

The four-party coalition government has postponed reform in the face of fierce criticism from the pensions sector

Norway: A bitter pill

September 2018 (magazine)By

New solvency regulations for pension funds have been sweetened by rules making it easier for them to invest in infrastructure

Portugal: Political uncertainty

September 2018 (magazine)By Paula Garrido

The European Commission is concerned about the lack of political progress on making the pension system sustainable

Spain: Age old problem

September 2018 (magazine)By Paula Garrido

Plans are being implemented to cope with the country’s rapidly ageing population

Sweden: AP funds under review

September 2018 (magazine)By

A cross-party group has been appointed to look into liberalising the investment capabilities of the AP buffer funds

Switzerland: Filling the void

September 2018 (magazine)By

The Swiss government is trying to devise a reform for the first pillar while pension funds wait for an update on regulation

UK: DC in the spotlight

September 2018 (magazine)By

Britain seems to be perpetually updating its pensions rules despite the preoccupation of lawmakers and businesses with Brexit

All Top 1000 Pension Funds

James Drake-Linney and Gideon Sanitt

Foreign pension funds set for tax refunds on UK property income

May 2019 (Magazine)By ,

A recent ruling by the UK Tax Tribunal decided that the imposition of UK income tax on the property income of a German pension scheme was unlawful under EU law

PEPP: no straightforward route

May 2019 (Magazine)By

Some entities will not be eligible to offer PEPP products in Bulgaria, which looks like a recipe for market confusion

Annuity innovation: A new decumulation solution

March 2019 (Magazine)By , ,

With the decline of DB pension funds, individuals are seeking alternatives for longevity protection

screen shot 2019 01 30 at 14.58.50

Auto-enrolment grows globally

February 2019 (Magazine)By

A growing number of countries are planning to reduce the strain placed on public finances of providing pensions to ever more retirees by encouraging individuals to make more adequate provision for their own retirement

Collective DC in the Netherlands

December 2018 (magazine)By

How Dutch collective defined contribution schemes came about and how they differ from other schemes

German Longevity: Are the tables turning?

November 2018 (magazine)By

The rate of increase in life expectancy in Germany appears to be slowing down 

Turkey: Rethinking auto-enrolment

November 2018 (magazine)By Seda Peksevim

Despite generous state incentives in the Turkish auto-enrolment system, opt-out rates are high

UK: Shifts in longevity

October 2018 (magazine)By

Whether or not to insure liabilities via a buyout or buy-in has long been a decision which most defined-benefit pension funds need to consider. Buyout deals have become integral to the pension fund landscape.

Shades of grey on Dutch CDC

July/August 2018 (magazine)By

Dutch collective defined contribution is mostly a uniform concept, but with important distinctions

Accounting: Ringing up the changes

January 2018 (magazine)By

The slowdown in UK mortality improvements is continuing

Netherlands: The bond-to-swap trade

January 2018 (magazine)By Sameer van Alfen

Dutch pension funds are picking up a yield premium by using swaps 

Accounting: Resurrecting the past

December 2017 (Magazine)By

Back in 2010, the IASB and its US counterpart, the FASB, published a document that proposed a re-think of financial statements

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