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Top 1000 Pension Funds

ipe top 1000 pension funds 2019

Top 1000 Pension Funds 2019: Asset growth in challenging times

September 2019 (Magazine)By

The assets of the 1,000 largest European pension funds increased by 7% to €7.72trn in the last 12 months. This robust increase is set against a volatile backdrop in terms of asset prices and markets 

pension assets by country

Top 1000 Pension Funds 2019: Data

September 2019 (Magazine)

A snapshot of €7.7trn in pension assets

Austria: Government’s fall is another blow to reform

September 2019 (Magazine)By

Promised tax reforms were put on hold following the toppling of the government. But this is just the latest in a line of unfulfilled pension promises

the triumphal arch in cinquantennaire parc in brussels

Belgium: Rolling out IORP II

September 2019 (Magazine)By

Belgium is proud of its transposition of the EU’s new pension fund directive

Denmark: New developments

September 2019 (Magazine)By

The past year has brought changes affecting pensions and the investment sector, along with a new government

Finland: Two to become one

September 2019 (Magazine)By Reeta Paakkinen

The government is planning to unify the municipal and private-sector pension systems

France: Act I of the pensions big bang?

September 2019 (Magazine)By

The government’s PACTE law could transform the pensions landscape

Germany: Tinkering at the edges

September 2019 (Magazine)By

As yet no social partners have adopted the latest pension model in an already highly complex system

EU flags

Chart of the Week: European pension assets exceed €7.7trn

Fri, 13 Sep 2019By

IPE’s Top 1000 Pension Funds survey shows that total assets under management have increased despite market turmoil

Iceland: Full reform on the cards

September 2019 (Magazine)By

Iceland is set for a broad revision of its 20-year-old pension laws

Ireland: A pension reform battleground

September 2019 (Magazine)By

The government’s plan to overhaul the entire pension system is running behind schedule

Italy: Prioritising early retirement

September 2019 (Magazine)By

The 2019 budget allocated funds to allow more favourable early retirement but its impact has been limited

rotterdam new market hall

Netherlands: Transition path to a new system

September 2019 (Magazine)By

The latest agreements between stakeholders and a relaxation of rules bring pension reform closer

Norway: New public sector scheme agreed

September 2019 (Magazine)By

A hybrid framework is set to boost competition in the municipal pensions market

Portugal: Scene set for broad changes

September 2019 (Magazine)By Paula Garrido

Pension reform advances with new rules and proposals by the Portuguese government

Spain: Reforms on hold

September 2019 (Magazine)By Paula Garrido

Chronic political instability has turned attention away from pension reform while features of previous legislation have been undone

Sweden: Better late than never

September 2019 (Magazine)By

Sweden moves to introduce IORP II-style legislation

Switzerland: Let’s try this again

September 2019 (Magazine)By

The Swiss government is to present a social security pension reform bill in the autumn, including some measures rejected by the public in 2017

UK: Thinking beyond Brexit

September 2019 (Magazine)By

Pensions regulation has taken a backseat to Brexit but this has not stopped the industry from moving ahead with changes

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PEPP: More questions than answers

November 2019 (Magazine)By ,

Many issues remain to be clarified concerning the PEPP

dirk jargstorff

Cross-border pensions: Barriers to entry

September 2019 (Magazine)

The experience of Bosch shows that a better framework is required for cross-border pensions

James Drake-Linney and Gideon Sanitt

Foreign pension funds set for tax refunds on UK property income

May 2019 (Magazine)By ,

A recent ruling by the UK Tax Tribunal decided that the imposition of UK income tax on the property income of a German pension scheme was unlawful under EU law

PEPP: no straightforward route

May 2019 (Magazine)By

Some entities will not be eligible to offer PEPP products in Bulgaria, which looks like a recipe for market confusion

Annuity innovation: A new decumulation solution

March 2019 (Magazine)By , ,

With the decline of DB pension funds, individuals are seeking alternatives for longevity protection

screen shot 2019 01 30 at 14.58.50

Auto-enrolment grows globally

February 2019 (Magazine)By

A growing number of countries are planning to reduce the strain placed on public finances of providing pensions to ever more retirees by encouraging individuals to make more adequate provision for their own retirement

Collective DC in the Netherlands

December 2018 (magazine)By

How Dutch collective defined contribution schemes came about and how they differ from other schemes

Turkey: Rethinking auto-enrolment

November 2018 (magazine)By Seda Peksevim

Despite generous state incentives in the Turkish auto-enrolment system, opt-out rates are high

German Longevity: Are the tables turning?

November 2018 (magazine)By

The rate of increase in life expectancy in Germany appears to be slowing down 

UK: Shifts in longevity

October 2018 (magazine)By

Whether or not to insure liabilities via a buyout or buy-in has long been a decision which most defined-benefit pension funds need to consider. Buyout deals have become integral to the pension fund landscape.

Shades of grey on Dutch CDC

July/August 2018 (magazine)By

Dutch collective defined contribution is mostly a uniform concept, but with important distinctions

Accounting: Ringing up the changes

January 2018 (magazine)By

The slowdown in UK mortality improvements is continuing

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