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Top 400: Cultures change

June 2019 (Magazine)By

Is asset management a tech business, a people business, or both? As the sector pushes new frontiers, much of the attention has been on vast sums the sector needs to invest in technology. This, combined with the burden of new regulation, is making investment management a more cost intensive business and driving M&A

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Multi Boutiques

June 2019 (Magazine)By , Paul Amery

Can multi-affiliate boutique structures combine the benefits of consolidation with the cultural advantages of smaller, focused managers? 

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Artificial intelligence: Let me tell you what you really think

June 2019 (Magazine)By Christopher O’Dea

 How are managers deploying natural language processing to analyse management sentiment in earnings calls?

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ESG: Weight of evidence

June 2019 (Magazine)By

There is no consensus on a positive link between ESG and improved portfolio performance