IPE Conference and European Pension Fund Awards

The IPE Conference and Awards are an essential addition to your professional calendar. Our high-level conference gathers leading speakers from institutuonal investment, economics and politics while our Awards set the benchmark for Europe’s diverse pension fund industry. Our event is by far the largest single gathering of European pension funds, offering unparalleled networking opportunuties.

  • High level conference covering key trends and topical issues affecting investment decision making
  • Past conference speakers include current and former heads of government, finance and foreign ministers, European Commissioners, and senior investment figures from all over the world
  • An ideal networking opportunity and ideas exchange
  • The biggest annual gathering of European pension funds with 650 delegates
  • Gala Awards presentation in the evening covering countries, regions and specialist themes
  • Fully interactive and supported online Awards entry process

What Our Previous Winners Say

PensionDanmark in Denmark

“It was a big honour for us to win in light of some very strong competition. The IPE awards mean a lot to us and our owners. And they are both a testament to and well-deserved recognition of the hard work and dedication displayed by the investment team and all our other colleagues in devising and implementing the new investment opportunities within direct infrastructure investments, export credit finance and senior secured infrastructure loans.”

Torben Möger Pedersen, Chief Executive Officer

Pension Protection Fund in the United Kingdom

“We were delighted to receive our IPE Gold Award for Long Term Investment Strategy as well as themed award for Liability Driven Investment, both of which are in full recognition of the quality of our investment strategy. This will further encourage us all at PPF to develop appropriately innovative investment approaches that help secure the financial future of the many thousands of people who rely on us.”

Martin Clarke, Executive Director of Financial Risk

APK in Austria

“Winning the IPE Award was a confirmation from an external source of how innovative and capable APK’s fixed income investment process is. This is useful both with respect to motivating the asset management team internally but also in the communication with our customers. Being a serial winner of IPE Awards serves to maintain APK’s reputation as one of the leading pension funds in Europe.”

Christian Böhm, Chief Executive Officer

WPV in Germany

“For WPV it is not the most important thing to win an IPE award. When we participate and submit our application we hope to motivate and to encourage others, vice versa we are happy to learn from other participants. The awards are a good opportunity to exchange ideas and to communicate. Winning an IPE award shows us we are on the right path.”

Hans-Wilhelm Korfmacher, Managing Director

British Steel Pension Fund in the United Kingdom

“I’m delighted to have won our fourth IPE award, particularly so for the In-House Investment Team which we won outright this year, having been joint winners last year. This particular award pits us against some of the biggest global investment institutions, which employ far greater resources than ourselves, and it thus vindicates our tried and tested model founded on strong investment beliefs, singularity of purpose and clear alignment of interests. Warm congratulations to all that were involved in this great achievement.”

Hugh Smart, Chief Investment Officer

Pensioenfonds KBC in Belgium

“You never get used to winning an IPE Award: in 2012 Pensioenfonds KBC won the IPE Award for best pension fund in Belgium, the 3rd time in 5 years but it still makes you feel very proud!”

Edwin Meysmans, Director

CERN Pension Fund in Switzerland

“The news that the panel of judges honoured the CERN Pension Fund for its risk management is a tremendous encouragement for the CERN Pension Fund team to continue to reach for best practice. Receiving the award was an honour. But most importantly, being recognized by a prestigious publication and a distinguished jury provides comfort to our members and beneficiaries. Altogether, we are very grateful to Investments & Pensions Europe for its leadership in the pensions industry, and for pushing us to be the best at what we do!”

Theodore Economou, Chief Executive Officer

Clwyd Pension Fund in the United Kingdom

“We were delighted to win the bronze award for Alternatives and then go on to receive the prestigious silver award for Best Public Sector Fund – an amazing result for a small fund with limited in-house resources. Such acknowledgements are viewed both as an endorsement of the leading-edge strategies employed by the Fund since the mid-1990s, particularly its focus on diversification and risk diversity, as well as providing assurance to stakeholders that the Fund is ‘on the right track’. Finally, many thanks to IPE for organising another great event.”

Philip Latham, Pension Fund Manager

APG in The Netherlands

“As investors of pension money, at APG we use all of our experience, expertise and innovative power to invest the pension premiums in a sound, responsible and cost effective way. Our smart-beta approach to investing in commodities is an example of that. We see this award both as a recognition of that approach and as an encouragement.”

Benjamin Maat, Senior Portfolio Manager Commodities

BPI Gestão de Activos in Portugal

“It is very important for the investment management industry to keep fighting for the trust of their clients in these difficult times. External and independent appraisals do make the difference and the IPE Awards are the gold standard in the pension fund industry. Winning the IPE Award for Portugal is an important recognition in our market and a motivation to try to maintain excellence. Looking back to all eight times we have taken part, we realise that this has pushed us further to achieving greater innovation and continuously improving our investment and decision making processes.”

José Luís Borges, Head of Asset Allocation

Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund in the United Kingdom

“Winning an IPE award validates our investment strategy both in our own eyes but more importantly in the eyes of the broader European Pensions industry!”

Nick Greenwood, Pension Fund Manager