SWEDEN – AP4’s head of performance and risk control, Sarah McPhee, has accepted what she termed an “irresistible offer” to join AMF Pension as chief investment officer.

She will take over from AMF’s current executive vice president and CIO Tor Marthin, who retires next year. It was an “irresistible offer to work with the team of people” at AMF, McPhee said, citing their performance record. AMF has made an average return over the last five years of 7.2%.

The 190 billion-crown (20.6 billion-euro) AMF Pension is 50-50 owned by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Swedish Trade Union Confederation and has around 2.8 million customers.

The 130 billion-crown (14.5 billion-euro) AP4, or Fjärde AP-fondens, is Sweden’s fourth national buffer fund.

McPhee, an American who emigrated to Sweden, joins the 22.9 billion-euro AMF on April 19 at the latest, AMF spokesman Conny Johanson said.