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Impact Investing

IPE special report May 2018


Solar panels

Bank analysts estimate $600bn of green bonds from Asia by 2023

Fri, 25 May 2018By

Investor appetite and rising capital expenditure should spur issuance growth 

The Houses of Parliament, London

DC consolidation could come at expense of members, experts warn

Fri, 25 May 2018By Hugo Greenhalgh

UK government estimates master trust market could shrink by a third through consolidation

'Pensions funds should ramp up local investment'

Mortality rate change could boost Dutch pension scheme funding

Fri, 25 May 2018By Frank van Alphen,

Longevity drop could boost pension funds’ coverage by 0.5%, according to Sprenkels & Verschuren

Oxford University

Universities finalise panel to scrutinise USS valuations

Fri, 25 May 2018By

Influential pensions industry figures to assist in evaluating calculations and methodologies

p037179 658239

European Commission unveils sustainable finance legislative proposals

Thu, 24 May 2018By

“The Titanic could not turn to avoid the iceberg at the last minute and we will soon be in a very similar situation”

Governance at UK pension schemes 'not fit for purpose'

Regulator warns on public sector pension governance standards

Thu, 24 May 2018By Hugo Greenhalgh

TPR chief executive tells local authority conference there are “a number of gaps around good governance”

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On The Record: How do you use technology?

May 2018 (magazine)

PensionDanmark, RPMI Railpen & Pensioenfonds PGB

Strategically Speaking: Amundi

May 2018 (magazine)By

Dominique Carrel-Billiard joined Amundi in 2016 to head the integration of Pioneer. His unit is tasked with delivering €45bn in net new inflows over the next three years

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Financial Crises: Awaiting the Minsky moment

May 2018 (magazine)By David Turner

The bout of marked market volatility in February prompted a heated debate: were financial markets close to a Minsky moment? 

Briefing: Commodity super cycle

May 2018 (magazine)By Dewi John

The internet can in some ways be said to define globalisation. 

Briefing: Avoiding nasty tax surprises

May 2018 (magazine)By Jürg Stalder

Taking a consolidated view of taxation not only removes compliance headaches for asset managers but can also give them an edge over other industry players

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liam kennedy

Matters of life and death

May 2018 (magazine)By

If left to their own devices at retirement, significant numbers are likely to run out of assets years before they die

daniel ben ami

Resist the backlash against tech

May 2018 (magazine)By

Sometimes patterns are not clear until they are examined closely. In the hubbub of daily life it is easy to miss unfolding trends

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US Equities: A time to focus on value

May 2018 (magazine)By

Investing into a market with such high valuations presents a challenge

Interest Rates: Opinion divided on rate impact

May 2018 (magazine)By David Turner

Market professionals are divided on the likely impact of rate rises on the equity markets 

US Economy: Where big is beautiful

May 2018 (magazine)By Dewi John

The new economy in the US is dominated by large tech firms that are still growing

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diary of an investor pieter mullen

Diary of an Investor: Making an impact

May 2018 (magazine)By

We at Wasserdicht like to think that our company has a positive impact around the world as a pump and flood protection equipment multinational

Guest Viewpoint: Christopher Ailman & Mark Walker

May 2018 (magazine)

Words matter, but sometimes they can get in the way. Impact investing, mission-based investing, responsible investment, double and triple-bottom-line investing, ESG factors, and even sustainable investment. All of these terms can have both positive and negative connotations for investors. 


How We Run Our Money: Louvre Endowment Fund

May 2018 (magazine)By

Carlo Svaluto Moreolo talks to Philippe Gaboriau, CEO of the small, but growing, Louvre Endowment Fund

getting behind the stewardship bullshit on carillion

Long Term Matters: Getting behind the stewardship bullshit on Carillion

April 2018 (magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

Every so often things go so wrong that players are forced to come clean. Which is what has started to happen with Carillion. And it’s not a pretty sight

diary of an investor pieter mullen

Diary of an Investor: Imperfect foresight

March 2018 (magazine)By

‘Administration!’ declares Geert, our head of investment research one morning. ‘Not a sexy subject.’

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Ahead of the Curve: Robots opening doors

May 2018 (magazine)By Jonathan Cohen, Heenal Patel

The robotics and automation theme has been gaining a lot of attention recently for good reasons. There is an industrial revolution  emerging across all industries as they realise that the new tools and applications being developed will be highly disruptive to existing business models. These new technologies cover everything from autonomous cars and delivery drones to surgical tools.

Ahead of the curve: An active view on active passive

April 2018 (magazine)By

Most active managers do fail to beat their indices. However, the key word here is ‘most’

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