On the Record: What is the role of equities in your portfolio?

October 2016 (Magazine)By

Three pension funds - Inarcassa, Publica and Santander UK Group Pension Scheme Common Fund - discuss the equities balance

marc boone

How We Run Our Money: HeidelbergCement

October 2016 (Magazine)By

Marc Boone of HeidelbergCement explains why the group’s approach to running its many pensions schemes is like sailing a fleet of ships

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West Lake, Hangzhou

ESG: Green bonds get G20 boost

October 2016 (Magazine)By

The green bond market has had a strong run in the wake of the December 2015 Paris climate-change agreement

Risk: Plane disaster lesson for investors

October 2016 (Magazine)

Stephan Lods says analysing decisions that led to a 1977 airline disaster could help investors better understand risk 

SWFs confound the sceptics

September 2016 (Magazine)By

Despite reports that sovereign wealth funds are cashing in their assets to cope with falling oil prices, the sector is still growing 

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An industrial revolution

October 2016 (Magazine)By

There used to be a stark divide in pensions, particularly in the UK and the US, with a high level of security in defined benefit (DB) and a low level in defined contribution (DC)

A dollar decline is overdue

October 2016 (Magazine)By

For anyone who follows currency trends, and indeed asset markets more generally, the triennial survey from the Bank for International Settlements is invaluable

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Global Equities: The search for global opportunities

October 2016 (Magazine)By Christopher O’Dea

Finding attractive companies in the current market environment is no easy matter even within the entire universe of global equities

Valuations: Emerging from the wings

October 2016 (Magazine)By Christopher O’Dea

Against a backdrop of lacklustre growth in the developed world, emerging markets are beginning to find favour again with investors

Investment Approaches: Reasons to be cheerful

October 2016 (Magazine)By

With 30,000 potential stocks in the global equities universe, picking the right investment approach may be more important than the right manager, argues Joseph Mariathasan

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Long-Term Matters - Addicted to dumb ideas

October 2016 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

With the UK retailer Sports Direct in the news, it is worth recalling what one large investor said only 12 months ago

Guest Viewpoint: “Political risk: the US election shows parallels with Brexit”

October 2016 (Magazine)By Peter Kraneveld

Pension funds are not about politics, but their investment portfolios include political risk

Diary of an Investor: At the high table

October 2016 (Magazine)By Pieter Mullen

Recently, I was invited to join a network of financial academics as a ‘practice adviser’, which means I speak to them regularly about the challenges our pension fund faces and what we are doing in the investment portfolio.

Long-Term Matters: Have an affair or see a therapist?

September 2016 (Magazine)

An estranged couple, frustrated by their sex life, face a hard choice: have an affair or see a therapist and commit to renewing their relationship.

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Wednesday people roundup

Wed, 26 Oct 2016By IPE Staff

Éric Loiselet (Ircantec), NN IP, AP3, Skandia Liv, AXA IM, BlueBay, Pictet, British Steel, Miton, Schroders, bfinance, KBI Global Investors, Baker & McKenzie, Eumedion, BlackRock, Stap APF

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Ahead of the Curve: Time to embrace robots?

October 2016 (Magazine)

Robotics and automation are no longer sci-fi, they are a fast-growing and profitable sector, say Johan Van Der Biest and Rudi Van den Eynde

Ahead of the Curve: The constants amid the flux

September 2016 (Magazine)

Dominic Wallington says investors need not fear new disruptive technology or turbulent times if they seek out companies with the qualities to survive and flourish

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