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ESG: The metrics jigsaw


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EU negotiators agree on sustainability taxonomy, approval still needed

Fri, 6 Dec 2019By

Efama calls for action on corporate reporting given investor disclosure requirements

PME, PMT hit 100% funding

Large Dutch metal schemes keep premium, accrual unchanged in 2020

Fri, 6 Dec 2019By

PMT and PME announce significant contribution rise for 2021

City Hall, Stockholm, Sweden

AP1 hit by new rules breach as head of equities agrees to quit

Fri, 6 Dec 2019By

Swedish national pension fund says Olof Jonasson bought into firms AP1 later invested in

Copenhagen, Denmark

​IPE Conference: Pension funds find changing public opinion is part of a PE investor’s role

Fri, 6 Dec 2019By

“Locusts” perception of private equity poses challenges for would-be investors

japp van dam at ipe annual conference in copenhagen cropped

IPE Conference: Long-term horizon hailed as key to improved investment approach

Fri, 6 Dec 2019By ,

‘The biggest risk is that you will not achieve any returns in the coming decades,’ says Jaap van Dam, 300 Club

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UK roundup: TPR debt recovery rate ‘low’, £40m missed

Fri, 6 Dec 2019By IPE Staff

KPMG sells UK pensions practice

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Dutch pension fund body sets out stall on CMU agenda

Thu, 5 Dec 2019By

Wishlist includes improvements regarding withholding tax, insolvency regimes and non-financial corporate reporting

jameson  pierre

CIO to leave Church pensions board

Thu, 5 Dec 2019By

CEPB was one of the first UK institutional investors in private debt

aegon flag september2019

Aegon to replace TKPI label with Aegon AM

Thu, 5 Dec 2019By Sameer van Alfen

Change meant to improve service provision and competitive position

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ice floes climate change

Private equity investors to make climate change shifts

Mon, 2 Dec 2019By

Investors plan to modify their private equity portfolios to combat climate change


PRI names lawyer for ‘legal framework for impact’ project

Fri, 29 Nov 2019By

Freshfields to explore legal questions about ‘new frontier for responsible investment’

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On the record: Is private equity lagging behind the ESG curve?

December 2019 (Magazine)By

IPE asked three pension funds how private equity managers are progressing in terms of integrating responsible investment

torben moger pedersen crop

How we run our money: Pension Danmark

December 2019 (Magazine)By

Torben Möger Pedersen , CEO of PensionDanmark, tells Carlo Svaluto Moreolo that he sees the Danish pension provider as part of an improved Scandinavian welfare system

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per uk linnemann

iTDFs: A formula to end retirement blues?

December 2019 (Magazine)By Per UK Linnemann

All over the world, the financial industry is grappling with the ‘ideal’ post retirement investment strategy and with how best to pay out income in retirement. There is an arms race and the question is the following: who will win the retirement agenda? 

argetina emd

Emerging market debt: Argentina makes investors cry

December 2019 (Magazine)By Rodrigo Amaral

Who needs Pennywise the terrifying clown when one has Argentine bonds in their investment portfolios?

giles swan and james duvall index

Ongoing UCITS fees are falling

December 2019 (Magazine)By ,

UCITS are an example of EU financial innovation and a global success story. With €10.1trn in total net assets, UCITS help global investors save for financial goals, including retirement, education, and housing. 

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liam kennedy

Can we all be Canadian?

December 2019 (Magazine)By

As we approach the 2020s, what have we learned about pension investing in the last 20 years?

daniel ben ami

The fiscal shift is no solution

December 2019 (Magazine)By

There is a growing consensus that there needs to be a shift from extraordinary monetary policy to fiscal activism. Although quantitative easing (QE) will continue, there is a widespread recognition that its effects are diminishing.

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emd are there systematic structural improvements

Emerging Market Debt - Global View: A mixed picture

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Although emerging markets are in aggregate enjoying structural improvements, there are stark differences between regions

Small & mid-cap equities: Public or private markets?

October 2019 (Magazine)By

Public markets are shrinking while private markets are attracting huge amounts of capital. But it is still not clear which is the better bet

Emerging market equities: ESG in Latin America

September 2019 (Magazine)By Rodrigo Amaral

An anti-corruption drive by Latin American companies is creating opportunities for responsible investors

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raj thamotheram

Long-term matters: Financial sector employees can help win the climate change fight

December 2019 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram,

More than a thousand Google employees have signed a public letter calling on the company to take bold action on climate change. They joined employees in other companies such as Amazon and Microsoft who published similar letters, calling their companies to take real action on climate change in response to the climate crisis.

bob collie

Guest viewpoint: Bob Collie

December 2019 (Magazine)By

“With DC now globally dominant, the momentum that has been building is likely to continue” 

kerrin rosenberg

Guest viewpoint: Kerrin Rosenberg

November 2019 (Magazine)By

“It is crucial to remember that the focus on good governance extends to including illiquid and private investment”

raj thamotheram

Long Term Matters: Time to shit or get off the (ESG) pot

November 2019 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

The ESG project is well beyond its childhood, even its teenage years. PRI has been going for 13 years and SRI activity pre-dated it by a decade. 

jen choi hi res new square

Guest viewpoint: Jennifer Choi & Brian Hoehn

October 2019 (Magazine)By ,

“Principles 3.0 is intended to offer a road map to optimal partnerships in the private equity industry”

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