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Special Report

ESG: The metrics jigsaw


ATP's office in Hillerød, Denmark

​ATP, PFA tool up ahead of derivatives margin rules deadlines

Wed, 20 Nov 2019By

Two biggest Danish pension funds buy services from OpenGamma

Dutch flag

Netherlands roundup: Dutch notaries’ scheme picks NN IP as fiduciary

Wed, 20 Nov 2019By , Sameer van Alfen

PFZW to leave premium, accrual unchanged in 2020

michelle ostermann cropped

RPMI appoints MD for investments

Wed, 20 Nov 2019By IPE Staff

Actively recruiting to replace the chief fiduciary officer role

changes ahead

Dutch schemes get reprieve from cuts as minister lowers funding floor

Wed, 20 Nov 2019By

Koolmees reduces minimum required funding level from 100% to 90% pending pensions reform

accounting blur budget 128867

Aegon UK, family business plans add £153m to 2019 bulk annuity activity

Wed, 20 Nov 2019By IPE Staff

Aegon UK scheme strikes deal with Phoenix, Carter & Parker scheme with Canada Life


Investec AM changes name to Ninety One, demerges from group

Wed, 20 Nov 2019By Venilia Amorim

The manager decided to become a separately listed entity following a strategic review

Stockholm, Sweden

​Report: Alternatives are ESG weak point for Swedish pension funds

Tue, 19 Nov 2019By

Nordea, Skandia, SPP and Länsförsäkringar gain top marks in Söderberg analysis

private equity

Hermes GPE raises $1.6bn in private equity

Tue, 19 Nov 2019By IPE Staff

BT Pension Scheme commits $1bn

German flag

ECJ ruling could further erode EU dividend tax obstacles

Tue, 19 Nov 2019By

PensionsEurope warns it could take years before pension funds can benefit

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​AP7, APG chiefs join global corporates in new sustainability group

Thu, 17 Oct 2019By

New alliance modelled on Swedish investor initiative 

pexels photo

LGPS Central launches £2bn multi-factor equity climate fund

Thu, 10 Oct 2019By

The initial investment comes from two of the nine local authority pension funds in the asset pooling vehicle

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On the record: Private credit

November 2019 (Magazine)By

As the valuations of traditional credit assets look stretched, we asked two Danish institutions how they invest in alternative credit markets

tom mergaerts

How we run our money: Amonis

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Tom Mergaerts , CEO of Amonis, tells Carlo Svaluto Moreolo about the Belgian €2.1bn pension fund’s uncompromising investment philosophy

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Briefing: There is still room for growth

November 2019 (Magazine)By David Turner

Equity investors putting faith in growth stocks – stocks that are priced expensively relative to fundamentals because they are expected to grow fast – received a shock in early September when they sold off sharply.

dan aylott

Briefing: Alternatives to large-cap buyouts

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Large buyout funds are a staple ingredient in many institutional pension funds’ private-equity portfolios. Focusing on more diversified private-market strategies could be a better way to achieve return objectives

PEPP: More questions than answers

November 2019 (Magazine)By ,

Many issues remain to be clarified concerning the PEPP

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liam kennedy

Bold thinking needed

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Muted and constrained economic growth, continued low yields and quantitative easing, combined with a poor investment return outlook, loom over Europe’s pension sector.

daniel ben ami

Bond bubble threatens emerging markets

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Although the prospect of a trade war is the tail risk that has most worried fund managers since mid-2018, other potential perils look more threatening

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emd are there systematic structural improvements

Emerging Market Debt - Global View: A mixed picture

November 2019 (Magazine)By

Although emerging markets are in aggregate enjoying structural improvements, there are stark differences between regions

Small & mid-cap equities: Public or private markets?

October 2019 (Magazine)By

Public markets are shrinking while private markets are attracting huge amounts of capital. But it is still not clear which is the better bet

Emerging market equities: ESG in Latin America

September 2019 (Magazine)By Rodrigo Amaral

An anti-corruption drive by Latin American companies is creating opportunities for responsible investors

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raj thamotheram

Long Term Matters: Time to shit or get off the (ESG) pot

November 2019 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

The ESG project is well beyond its childhood, even its teenage years. PRI has been going for 13 years and SRI activity pre-dated it by a decade. 

kerrin rosenberg

Guest viewpoint: Kerrin Rosenberg

November 2019 (Magazine)By

“It is crucial to remember that the focus on good governance extends to including illiquid and private investment”

jen choi hi res new square

Guest viewpoint: Jennifer Choi & Brian Hoehn

October 2019 (Magazine)By ,

“Principles 3.0 is intended to offer a road map to optimal partnerships in the private equity industry”

raj thamotherum and john fullerton

Long-term matters: How capitalists can save the Amazon from capitalism

October 2019 (Magazine)

When foundations and wealthy individuals launched their Rapid Response-Able Fund (RRAF) in spring 2020, commentators sneered at the “save the world” motivation while others said it would distract attention from the political changes that were needed.

it is incumbent on us to find a solution to the privatisation of wealth accumulation

Guest viewpoint: Tracy Blackwell, Pension Insurance Corporation

September 2019 (Magazine)By

The financial services industry is one of the least trusted in the UK. The Purpose of Finance project aims to address issues of trust and reform

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