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PPF: UK funds allocate more than half of assets to bonds

Thu, 8 Dec 2016By

Purple Book reveals asset allocation change, but deficits and recovery plans still problematic

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AM roundup: StepStone, Swiss Capital, AllianzGI, Sound Harbor, Moody's

Wed, 7 Dec 2016By IPE Staff

StepStone completes Swiss Capital acquisition


Wednesday people roundup

Wed, 7 Dec 2016By IPE Staff

Hermes IM, HSBC Bank UK Pension Scheme, Volo Pensioen, Fisch AM, VP Bank Group, Erste AM, Credit Suisse, Style Research, Oppenheimer Funds, AllianceBernstein, City Financial, Fortress Investment Group

OECD conference centre Paris

Unify civil servant, private sector pension scheme rules, says OECD

Wed, 7 Dec 2016By

In many OECD countries, civil servant replacement rates 20 percentage points higher than in private sector

Stock market numbers

Investors to double down on private equity, cut hedge funds

Wed, 7 Dec 2016By

Unlisted assets expected to boost otherwise lacklustre portfolio returns

New York

Finland's Ilmarinen may hasten equities shift towards US

Wed, 7 Dec 2016By

Finnish pensions company cites Brexit, Trump and Italian referendum as triggers

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On the Record: How will your asset allocation change?

December 2016 (Magazine)By

Three pension funds - CWPS, ERAFP and Stapi - discuss chnges to their asset allocation

Emilio Giorgi

How We Run Our Money: ENPAM

December 2016 (Magazine)By

Emilio Giorgi (pictured), chief risk officer at ENPAM, Italy’s largest private pension fund, talks to Carlo Svaluto Moreolo about its commitment to investing in projects that directly benefit its members

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Discount Rates: Discounting dilemmas

December 2016 (Magazine)By

As risk-free rates edge towards zero or below in many regions, questions must be asked about discounting methods, according to Carlo Svaluto Moreolo

India: All to play for

December 2016 (Magazine)By

The signs suggest India is poised for dramatic improvements in its economy. But there are challenges around job-creation, education and manufacturing 

Global Debt: Caution in a world awash in debt

December 2016 (Magazine)By , ,

John Bilton, Michael Feser and Stephanie Flanders look at the effect that excessive leverage within the global capital markets can have on long-term economic growth 

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President Trump

December 2016 (Magazine)By

The election of Donald Trump as US president represents a sea-change in politics and for a second time in less than six months, following the UK’s Brexit vote, investors are left unscrambling the implications for markets over various time horizons.

Back to basics

December 2016 (Magazine)By

There is a danger that the investment world could pay too much attention to geopolitics in 2017. Although politics is important, there is a risk its current high profile could obscure more fundamental factors.

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investin in hedge funds

Investing In Hedge Funds: The party continues

December 2016 (Magazine)

Headlines suggest institutional demand for hedge funds is waning. But the facts paint a different picture, finds Carlo Svaluto Moreolo

Investing In Hedge Funds: Emerging strategies

December 2016 (Magazine)By

Joseph Mariathasan explores the universe of emerging market hedge fund strategies

Investing In Hedge Funds: Liquid movement

December 2016 (Magazine)By Niki Natarajan

Niki Natarajan looks at how liquid alternative strategies could be the answer to the current low-interest-rate and high-volatility environment, even if it seems counter-intuitive

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Long-Term Matters: Carbon footprint envy

December 2016 (Magazine)By Raj Thamotheram

An explosion of providers and events promise to turn investors into low-carbon heroes. Even campaigners use it to benchmark managers. What will it deliver?, asks  Raj Thamotheram

Guest Viewpoint: Jon Little - Northill Capital

December 2016 (Magazine)

“Successful managers are hard to find but those that do exist generally share some common characteristics”

Diary of an Investor: Diversity counts

December 2016 (Magazine)By

Recently we had to admit that the trustee board of the Wasserdicht Dutch pension fund isn’t very diverse. Of course, we fulfil the requirement to have one female trustee and one under the age of 40 and have for some time

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Wednesday people roundup

Wed, 7 Dec 2016By IPE Staff

Hermes IM, HSBC Bank UK Pension Scheme, Volo Pensioen, Fisch AM, VP Bank Group, Erste AM, Credit Suisse, Style Research, Oppenheimer Funds, AllianceBernstein, City Financial, Fortress Investment Group

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Ahead of the Curve: Fintech flies in emerging markets

December 2016 (Magazine)By

Fintech is finding a natural home in emerging markets where traditional banks and insurance services are less established. Andrew Ness reports

Ahead of the Curve: Trend-following - quality not quantity

November 2016 (Magazine)

Stephen Wood explains why a single well-researched trend-following investment model can produce better results than simply relying on diversification using different models

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