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Investor groups weigh in on ‘beyond green’ taxonomy proposals


Industry bodies respond to consultation by European Commission advisory body

The existing green and future extended taxonomies

EU sustainable finance: Pushing the green envelope

September 2021 (Magazine)

How the industry is reacting to the European Commission’s sustainability proposals – including green taxonomy extension, a social taxonomy and hard targets for asset management to decarbonise

raj thamotheram

Long term matters: Commenting from the cheap seats or on the playing field?

September 2021 (Magazine)

Scientifically literate investment executives who care about the future of human civilisation and the ecosystem will be painfully aware that Jean-Claude Juncker’s comment about the euro-zone also relates to the climate crisis.

European Parliament building in Brussels

Outlook for Europe: Shining lights for venture capital

June 2021 (Magazine)

The European venture capital market was a no-go area for institutional investors in the decade following the dotcom bubble of the late 1990s but allocations to the asset class have increased over recent years. Today, Europe’s thriving startup sector is providing lucrative investment opportunities, as we analyse in this report.