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France Country Report

Paris- protesters outside the Assemblée Nationale

Pensions in France - IPE Country Report

Fierce opposition from trade unions and a large part of the political spectrum did not manage to stop Emmanuel Macron’s plan to reform the French pension system. The new framework kicks in this month, and the long-term sustainability of public pensions is secure. However, French workers will have to work longer into their lives, and their standard of living will decline. 

Germany & Austria Country Report

Pensions in Germany

Germany Country Report 2024: Unions take a more active role in pensions

Unions have a new role in determining the shape of occupational pensions but are mindful of their duty to protect workers  

Ireland Country Report

Dublin Ireland

Ireland country report 2024: A no-nonsense consolidation approach

Ireland’s bid to reduce the number of single-member DC pension funds is succeeding but is not without teething troubles 

Italy Country Report

Rome, Italy

Country report – Pensions in Italy (July/August 2023)

Italian second-pillar occupational pension funds continue on their path to diversification. Owing to the higher yields on offer in traditional fixed income markets, allocations to private markets may slow down temporarily, but funds have made long-term strategic commitments. A variety of industry initiatives is facilitating investment in private equity, private debt and infrastructure. Meanwhile, some pension funds are consolidating their private markets portfolios.

Netherlands Country Report


Netherlands Country Report 2024: The pension transition dilemma

Dutch pension funds must tread a fine line between protecting funding levels and ensuring sufficient returns as they move to defined contribution

Spain & Portugal Country Report


Spanish pensions report 2023: funds ride a wave of uncertainty

Diversification remains a key tool in pension fund portfolios