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​Norway’s SWF joins ESMA in call for pragmatism in EU corporate sustainability rules


NBIM advocates fewer disclosure metrics and more focus on key data likely to be valuable to users

Karel Lannoo

A flawed EU crypto regulatory framework

July/August 2022 (Magazine)

The EU will soon have a specific regulatory framework for crypto currencies and markets. Under proposals soon to be adopted, only crypto coins authorised in the EU will be allowed to be offered to investors. But crypto assets and exchanges will have a very light supervisory regime, much less than what is in place for financial instruments and exchanges. This raises the question about the rationale for distinct rules. This question is even more acute in the context of the big decline in the crypto markets over the past weeks.

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IIGCC calls for ‘ambitious, speedy’ resolutions on key EU climate files


CEO writes to ministers, leaders ahead of EU Council energy and environment meetings