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global equities a tug of war for investor sentiment

Asset class: Equities

September 2021 (Magazine)

The number of listed companies in the US and the UK has fallen dramatically over the past quarter century, putting more pressure on institutional investors to invest in private equity, as we cover in this report. The report also looks at the emerging market small-cap sector andUK’s micro caps.

Edith Siermann

Inflation: Riding the wave

September 2021 (Magazine)

As the outlook for inflation becomes increasingly cloudy, European institutional investors try to focus on long-term trends 


Portfolio strategy: Credit

July/August 2021 (Magazine)

As the institutional investment community heads towards a post-COVID new normal, private credit remains a favourite among investors despite inflationary headwinds. In this report, we also cover the record amounts of capital raised by private-debt funds last year, the latest developments ESG in private markets, and how the digital transformation accelerated by COVID is impacting private debt.

factor investing challenges finding the right set of strategies

Portfolio strategy: Factor investing

May 2021 (Magazine)

COVID-19 has added a further blow to a decade of factor investing underperformance and highlighted the increasing impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations. In this report, we analyse how it may be possible to complement traditional factors with ESG-related measures.