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emerging markets

Portfolio strategy - Emerging markets (May 2022)

May 2022 (Magazine)

It is no secret that while investments in emerging markets promise to deliver superior returns, thanks to their exposure to faster-growing economies, actual performance has been volatile and, at times, disappointing. Over the past decade, emerging market indices have outperformed, as have fund strategies.

Richard Hope - April 2022

Credit: Investors cautious over Ukraine war

April 2022 (Magazine)

Despite geopolitical tensions, inflation and rising costs, private debt market remains optimistic after a record 2021

Ritchey_Brooks_High Res

Portfolio Strategy – Hedge Funds: Macro bets on

February 2022 (Magazine)

Global macro funds should do better in the current market environment – but not all will thrive and investor due diligence will be key 


Portfolio Strategy – Fixed Income Report

January 2022 (Magazine)

As the earnings season gets under way in early January, we look at 2021’s bumper level of bank debt issuance, in particular from Bank of America, JP Morgan and Citigroup, which have all recorded big increases in deposits. Banks look set to benefit from rising rates this year, but also from their historically large capital buffers, diverse funding levels and central bank liquidity backstops and offer attractive valuations.