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IPE April 2024 cover

Emerging market equities: investors grapple with peak political risk

April 2024 (Magazine)

As billions of people head to the polls in 2024, how will politics influence flows to emerging market equities?

Abrams Joe

Private lending shows signs of recovery

March 2024 (magazine)

Private credit is showing signs of recovery, but investors are focusing on defensive sectors

Oliver Collin_Invesco

Equities portfolio strategy: Cautious optimism as hard landing fails to materialise in 2023

February 2024 (magazine)

A shaky European economy will work in favour of quality companies when it comes to stock selection

Finding diversification in a correlated world index

Investors put weight behind bond markets

January 2024 (Magazine)

Exposure to bonds is rising at the fastest rate since the financial crisis, as investors focus on high-quality paper and the shorter end of the yield curve