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Emerging Market Debt Report (October 2022)

October 2022 (Magazine)

This year has seen hefty losses on the main emerging market debt indices, in both hard and local currency denominated bonds. Investors are left assessing whether these price moves are justified. Or has the market overreacted to US rate rises and the war in Ukraine, leaving markets as a whole underpriced?


Equities: Are Paris-aligned benchmarks a climate gamechanger?

September 2022 (Magazine)

Inflexible annual carbon reduction targets and weak data can lead to flawed decision-making

Kate Hollis 1

Credit: Inflation and the bond markets

July/August 2022 (Magazine)

Risks look likely to be building in credit as central banks wreak collateral damage on economies in their bid to tame inflation

Gideon Smith

Quant managers: back with new weapons

June 2022 (Magazine)

As investors show renewed interest in value strategies, quant managers look for better uses of alternative data