Special Reports

In-depth reports on investing for our pension fund and asset management readers from our award-winning journalists.


Latest Special Reports


Manager selection: Solving the pension liquidity puzzle

April 2024 (Magazine)

Advisers and fiduciary managers are working as hard as ever to meet the liquidity needs of pension funds 


Natural capital special report: Getting to grips with the TNFD

March 2024 (magazine)

More than 100 financial institutions have formally committed to adopting the recommendations of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures. Here’s how some of them are getting on so far


Risk transfer special report: Pension liabilities shift to insurers

February 2024 (magazine)

New players are waiting to enter the UK pension risk transfer market but this will depend on how accommodating Solvency UK will be

Fiduciary Management (NEW)

Fiduciary management special report: Has the UK peaked?

January 2024 (Magazine)

After years of growth throughout the 2010s, the number of fiduciary mandates has levelled off. Will trustees still opt for fiduciary now that insurance risk transfer is cheaper and consolidator funds have received the green light?