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Oliver Collin_Invesco

Equities portfolio strategy: Cautious optimism as hard landing fails to materialise in 2023

February 2024 (magazine)

A shaky European economy will work in favour of quality companies when it comes to stock selection


Risk transfer special report: Pension liabilities shift to insurers

February 2024 (magazine)

New players are waiting to enter the UK pension risk transfer market but this will depend on how accommodating Solvency UK will be

Dublin Ireland

Ireland country report 2024: A no-nonsense consolidation approach

February 2024 (magazine)

Ireland’s bid to reduce the number of single-member DC pension funds is succeeding but is not without teething troubles 

Finding diversification in a correlated world index

Investors put weight behind bond markets

January 2024 (Magazine)

Exposure to bonds is rising at the fastest rate since the financial crisis, as investors focus on high-quality paper and the shorter end of the yield curve  

IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023

IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023: Asset management at a pivotal point

IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023

Data highlights from IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023: 2022 global asset management AUM is €102.6trn | 5.5% reduction on the 2022 total of €108.6trn | Global institutional AUM: €35.1trn | European institutional assets: €11.5trn


Top 1000 Pension Funds 2023: Europe’s pensions absorb a €646bn loss

Top 1000 Pension Funds 2023

Last year saw a net reduction in the asset stock of European pension investment retirement pools of 6.77% over the previous year, according to IPE’s annual study of the leading 1,000 pension funds across the continent, marking a sea change for pensions.

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  • Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland

    CEE country report 2024: Poland’s auto-enrolment system - five years on

    January 2024 (Magazine)

    Slow but steady progress in auto enrolment is driving growth in workplace pension assets and membership

  • Fiduciary Management (NEW)

    Fiduciary management special report: Has the UK peaked?

    January 2024 (Magazine)

    After years of growth throughout the 2010s, the number of fiduciary mandates has levelled off. Will trustees still opt for fiduciary now that insurance risk transfer is cheaper and consolidator funds have received the green light?  

  • IPE Dec 2023 Class Actions supplement cover

    Class actions by European investors on the rise in the name of good governance and fiduciary duty

    December 2023 (Magazine)

    Deepwater Horizon, Volkswagen (Dieselgate), Wirecard, Silcon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse are recent, high-profile examples of corporate wrong doing resulting in losses for investors. As stewards of retirement savings and guardians of beneficiaries’ interests, it is only natural that pension funds should scrutinise the investments they are making – or outsourcing to asset managers to make – on their members’ behalf. This is a central plank of fiduciary duty. 

  • Chris Mellor_Invesco

    Making sense of stock market concentration

    December 2023 (Magazine)

    The level of concentration within global equity markets is at record levels. This has significant implications for portfolio construction 

  • Market prediction

    Prospects special report 2024: CIOs on what awaits investors

    December 2023 (Magazine)

    Asset management CIOs and strategists answer key questions about investment for the 12 months and beyond 

  • Tromso

    Nordic Region pensions funds report 2023: Norway's sovereign fund pivots north

    December 2023 (Magazine)

    Plans are afoot to set up a new base in northern Norway to manage sovereign wealth assets

  • ESG supplement IPE November 2023

    ESG Guide 2023: The future of sustainable finance

    November 2023 (Magazine)

    With or without the backlash against ESG in the US, big questions have been looming over the sustainable finance industry – like ‘is sustainable finance working?’. 

  • Barr Alex

    Refinancings: private equity out in the cold

    November 2023 (Magazine)

    Activity has been disappointing due to macroeconomic headwinds and geopolitical tensions 

  • Spain

    Spanish pensions report 2023: funds ride a wave of uncertainty

    November 2023 (Magazine)

    Diversification remains a key tool in pension fund portfolios

  • Bern, Switzerland

    Switzerland pensions report 2023: funds consider next move with UBS and Credit Suisse

    November 2023 (Magazine)

    Fears of market concentration in asset management and custody services are leading Swiss Pensionskassen to rethink relations with the enlarged UBS

  • ETFs supplement IPE October 2023

    ETFs Guide 2023: Innovation challenges concentration as investors spread their ETF wings

    ETF Guide (2023)

    ETFs’ steep upward trajectory continues, driven, as industry participants note, by their low cost, simplicity, and flexibility as an allocation tool. Globally the value of assets invested in ETFs, some $10.7trn (€10trn) at the end of August 2023, is 17.5% higher than at the same point in 2022, according to consultancy ETFGI. In Europe the increase was greater, at 20.8%, but from a much smaller base, with total investment in ETFs now standing at $1.7trn, with the lower take-up still being attributed to less favourable tax treatment.

  • money

    Emerging market corporates struggle to sway bond investors

    October 2023 (Magazine)

    There are mixed views about the prospects for emerging corporate debt, despite the sound fundamentals 

  • Technology

    AI special report: Could investment management be transformed?

    October 2023 (Magazine)

    While many foresee a variety of roles for artificial intelligence, critics believe it has a limited role in crucial asset management activities 

  • Amsterdam netherlands

    Netherlands pensions report 2023: Dutch funds plot move back into active investing

    October 2023 (Magazine)

    Several large Dutch pension funds are planning to move back into active management while others choose to go passive and further tweak their indices. But these two trends are not as contradictory as they may seem

  • Paris- protesters outside the Assemblée Nationale

    Pensions in France - IPE Country Report

    September 2023 (Magazine)

    Fierce opposition from trade unions and a large part of the political spectrum did not manage to stop Emmanuel Macron’s plan to reform the French pension system. The new framework kicks in this month, and the long-term sustainability of public pensions is secure. However, French workers will have to work longer into their lives, and their standard of living will decline. 

  • Asia - Singapore

    Asia Investment - Special Report

    September 2023 (Magazine)

    In this month’s special report on Asia, IPE’s private markets editor Lauren Mills analyses why global institutional investors are setting their sights on Asia. The combination of strong fundamentals and a lack of correlation with the European and North American economies make the region’s private assets particularly attractive. Investors are particularly hungry for infrastructure assets as well as the region’s fast-growing digital infrastructure. 

  • PFZW takes stake in green bonds

    Portfolio strategy – Fixed income & credit

    July/August 2023 (Magazine)

    Factors including rising inflation and interest rates, the war in Ukraine, and the uncertainty surrounding the global economy might have significantly slowed down the growth of an alternative asset class like private debt. But this has not been the case, and while fundraising by private debt managers for 2022 and 2023 might be challenging, investors are making new long-term commitments.

  • Rome, Italy

    Country report – Pensions in Italy (July/August 2023)

    July/August 2023 (Magazine)

    Italian second-pillar occupational pension funds continue on their path to diversification. Owing to the higher yields on offer in traditional fixed income markets, allocations to private markets may slow down temporarily, but funds have made long-term strategic commitments. A variety of industry initiatives is facilitating investment in private equity, private debt and infrastructure. Meanwhile, some pension funds are consolidating their private markets portfolios.

  • Pensions in the Nordic Region

    Country report – Pensions in Nordic Region (June 2023)

    June 2023 (Magazine)

    Reputational issues are front of mind for the board of Alecta, Sweden’s largest pension fund, as it continues to digest the fallout from its ill-starred investments in Silicon Valley Bank and two other US financial institutions that collapsed in March this year.

  • Stocks

    Portfolio strategy – Equities

    June 2023 (Magazine)

    Our report shines a light on investors’ thought processes when it comes to choosing active, passive or a combination of the two. We surveyed CIOs and senior portfolio managers to get an insight into how they construct their equity portfolios. Our report also features an investigation into the fall in listings on the UK equity market, at a time when listing domicile is increasingly consequential aspect of portfolio construction.

  • Sunrise

    Special Report – Outlook: Europe and the world

    June 2023 (Magazine)

    Inflation may be losing momentum, thanks to vigorous central bank action, but with a recession on the horizon, it is hard to tell whether the next few months and years will see markets turn around and risk assets begin to perform again. For the time being, CIOs argue for selectivity in stock selection and generally agree that bonds have resumed their diversification role. The main article in our Outlook report features the views of influential CIOs and strategists on asset allocation for the next few years.