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Cathy Braganza

European high yield stands its ground

May 2024 (Magazine)

Investors flocked to the European junk bond market last year and despite a strong US economy, there is still appetite for European issuers


Is buyout still the gold standard for UK pension funds?

May 2024 (Magazine)

Improved funding positions mean more DB schemes are considering run-on rather than off-loading their liabilities

IPE April 2024 cover

Emerging market equities: investors grapple with peak political risk

April 2024 (Magazine)

As billions of people head to the polls in 2024, how will politics influence flows to emerging market equities?


Manager selection: Solving the pension liquidity puzzle

April 2024 (Magazine)

Advisers and fiduciary managers are working as hard as ever to meet the liquidity needs of pension funds 

IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023

IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023: Asset management at a pivotal point

IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023

Data highlights from IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023: 2022 global asset management AUM is €102.6trn | 5.5% reduction on the 2022 total of €108.6trn | Global institutional AUM: €35.1trn | European institutional assets: €11.5trn


Top 1000 Pension Funds 2023: Europe’s pensions absorb a €646bn loss

Top 1000 Pension Funds 2023

Last year saw a net reduction in the asset stock of European pension investment retirement pools of 6.77% over the previous year, according to IPE’s annual study of the leading 1,000 pension funds across the continent, marking a sea change for pensions.

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