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Rome, Italy

Italian trade unions push government to bolster second pillar system


CGIL, UIL, and CISL believe it is unacceptable to finance a private association to promote supplementary pensions

Italy key pension data

Italy: Government eyes pension reform despite lack of resources

Top 1000 Pension Funds 2023

Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing government wants to lower retirement age and secure retirement income for young workers, but it faces an uphill battle against inflation

Rome, Italy

Historic low birth rate could make Italy’s pension reform efforts ineffective


The government intends to reform its tax system to cut the burden on companies employing women with children and large families

Rome, Italy

Country report – Pensions in Italy (July/August 2023)

July/August 2023 (Magazine)

Italian second-pillar occupational pension funds continue on their path to diversification. Owing to the higher yields on offer in traditional fixed income markets, allocations to private markets may slow down temporarily, but funds have made long-term strategic commitments. A variety of industry initiatives is facilitating investment in private equity, private debt and infrastructure. Meanwhile, some pension funds are consolidating their private markets portfolios.