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BaFin office building

BaFin updates reporting rules on Pensionskassen, Pensionsfonds investments


New decree includes rules on reporting requirements for investments, the value of assets and hidden reserves


German parties promise rapid changes in battle over climate policies


Germany should become a lead market for hydrogen technologies by 2030

Crypto-currencies - a bubble or the emergence of a new paradigm in decentralised finance?

German Finance Ministry lays rules to issue crypto funds shares


Draft ordinance will regulate crypto fund shares, to support technological innovation in finance and to protect investors

Country report - Germany

Country report: Germany

April 2021 (Magazine)

Social partner pensions are just one of the new defined contribution (DC) pension arrangements which have emerged in Germany in the past three year and more more could follow, as we analyse in this report. Will this bring a boost to the country’s neglected second pillar? We also look at pension risk management and find how investors are evolving to adapt to new realities in terms of assets and liabilities, and assess why German politicians are looking abroad for ways to boost exposure to equities in long-term savings.