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Clemens Schuerhoff Kommalpha

German pension funds pull out of Spezialfonds for first time


Spezialfonds recorded an outlfow worth €1.9bn from pension institutions in the first half of the year, an historic first

Thomas Richter at BVI

BVI favours active account requirements to strengthen EU clearing services


German fund industry association distances itself from EFAMA’s position


Institutional investors propose key characteristics of credible engagement


Bank für Kirche und Caritas, Shareholders for Change and Union Investment ‘see need to work towards common industry standard’

Frankfurt, Germany

Country Report – Pensions in Germany (March 2023)

March 2023 (Magazine)

Angela Merkel’s governments largely dodged the political hot potato of first-pillar pension reform, which means the current overhaul to the state system is overdue. But it barely gets to grips with the issues. For one, it does not deal with entitlements or increase the retirement age; second it introduces a funded component that will probably only take effect in the 2030s, when the post-war demographic peak is passing.