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PZU TFI: Building the future of Polish pensions

April 2023 (Magazine)

Marcin Żółtek (pictured), CEO of PZU TFI, one of Poland’s largest managers of DC pension savings, tells Jakub Janas and Carlo Svaluto Moreolo about the firm’s role in the Polish pension system

Russian attack on local market in Shevchenkove village in Kharkiv region

Ukraine: The mother of all impact investments

April 2023 (Magazine)

Institutional investors can play a crucial role in rebuilding Ukraine in a post-war future 

liam kennedy

Might Ukraine’s distressed assets one day look attractive to pension funds?

March 2023 (Magazine)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has tested Europe’s political and economic resolve. But where Vladimir Putin attempted to sow discord, he instead has failed to divide the West.

Pensions in CEE 2023

Country Report – Pensions in Central & Eastern Europe (January 2023)

January 2023 (Magazine)

Poland’s PPK auto-enrolment system marks its fourth anniversary this month. It can hardly be described as a complete success given the participation rate is stuck at just over a third of the working population. Some initial projections foresaw a 70% takeup level. But with assets approaching €2.5bn and rapidly growing, there is a sense that this is a relatively good outcome for a country with no tradition of independent retirement saving and where the previous second pillar system was radically overhauled just a few years ago, leaving ordinary citizens confused and mistrustful.