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UK regulators launch value for money framework for DC schemes


Framework to allow trustees to compare costs and charges, investment performance and service standards

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LCP completes £2bn of small scheme buy-ins and buy-outs


Smaller transactions can achieve competitive pricing

Carbon capture - Solution or pipedream?

UK green Gilt not green enough, says Triodos


Triodos IM will not invest in the first UK green Gilt that will be issued next week

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May 2021 (Magazine)

The UK’s Pension Schemes Act was finally signed in February 2021, after nearly two years of negotiations in parliament that were severely disrupted by elections, Brexit-related negotiations and the COVID-19 pandemic. The new rules have given the Pensions Regulator (TPR) new powers that could see it intervene in corporate actions such as mergers and acquisitions, as we analyse in this report. The report also looks at other key topics impacting the UK pensions sector, including DB funding, climate change, risk management and pension dashboards.