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Portugal key data

Portugal: Sustainability efforts need to be redoubled

September 2022 (Magazine)

Portugal recognises that past pension reforms mitigated the fiscal effects of an ageing population, but more effort is needed over the coming years

Spain key data

Spain: Second-pillar reforms broaden coverage

September 2022 (Magazine)

Amendments to existing laws and new ones extend access to second-pillar occupational pension funds to more workers

Portugal tram

Portuguese pension funds make -3.8% returns in Q1 2022


Most asset classes experienced a difficult first quarter, with equity portfolios generally falling between 3% and 5%

Almudena Cathedral, Madrid, Spain

Country Report: Pensions in Spain

November 2021 (Magazine)

Spain is moving ahead with pension reforms but there is little indication about the future shape of the second pillar. Our report also assesses Spanish pension investment strategies