Top 500 Asset Managers 2023

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IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023

IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023: Asset management at a pivotal point

Data highlights from IPE Top 500 Asset Managers 2023: 2022 global asset management AUM is €102.6trn | 5.5% reduction on the 2022 total of €108.6trn | Global institutional AUM: €35.1trn | European institutional assets: €11.5trn


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Gain access to the complete 2023 survey dataset providing detailed information on 500 global asset management firms. Whether you are looking for data on competitors, clients or prospects in the asset management sector, this data will provide comprehensive insight into opportunities, challenges and market trends.

  • Top 500 Asset Managers 2022

    Top 500 Asset Managers 2022

    The emergence of persistent higher inflation, China’s zero-COVID policy, stress on global supply chains, and Russia’s Ukraine war all suggest that the asset total of this year’s IPE Top 500 Asset Managers Guide represents a high water mark.

  • Top 500 2021

    Top 500 Asset Managers 2021

    IPE’s annual study of the global asset management industry compiles data from more than 500 companies globally, with insights into key business segments and overall AUM in excess of €90trn. 

  • Top 500 cover index

    Top 500 Asset Managers 2020

    Asset managers in our listing are ranked by global assets under management and by the country of the main headquarters. Assets managed by these groups total €81.1trn 

  • top 400 2019 cover

    Top 400: Cultures change

    Is asset management a tech business, a people business, or both? As the sector pushes new frontiers, much of the attention has been on vast sums the sector needs to invest in technology. This, combined with the burden of new regulation, is making investment management a more cost intensive business and driving M&A

  • top 400 2018 cover

    Top 400 Asset Managers 2018: 10 years of asset growth

    This September marks 10 years since the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the high-water mark of the 2007-09 financial crisis – a decade of profound changes and steady growth for the asset management industry

  • top 400 cover image

    Top 400 Asset Managers 2017: A new, improved business?

    The cosy old world of asset management seems already seems like a different era. One day, CEOs will probably tell their grandchildren about the bygone days of fat margins, soft dollars and dubious intermediary arrangements

  • top 400 2016 cover

    Top 400 Asset Managers 2016: Global assets now €56.3trn

    Assets managed by the leading global asset managers increased by nearly 12% over the course of last year, according to the 2016  IPE Top 400 Asset Managers survey. This is less than the 17.8% increase recorded over the course of 2014, although higher than 2013’s 8.9% increase. 

  • Top 400 2015 logo

    Top 400 Asset Managers 2015: Global assets top €50trn

    Once again, IPE surveyed over 400 managers for this year’s study, canvassing end-2014 data in most cases. The results give a broad overview of the global asset management sector, with granular depth on European managers and institutional business

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