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Ireland: Counting the cost of new rules

September 2021 (Magazine)

Ireland has finally transposed the European Union’s IORP II directive – but there is a long and potentially expensive path ahead to full implementation

Dublin, Ireland

Irish regulator: DC consolidation ‘fundamental’ to improving system


Regulator sets out interpretation of implications of recent changes to legislation arising from IORP II

Dublin, Ireland

IORP II transposed into Irish law, compliance cost a concern


Many schemes seen as having their work cut out for them to meet requirements


Country report: Ireland 2021

February 2021 (Magazine)

In 2018, the Irish government published its “Roadmap for Pensions Reform”, which set out plans for a national auto-enrolment system to be implemented for 2022. The implementation of changes has been dogged by delays, with COVID-19 joining the long list of obstacles slowing the country’s pension reform, as we analyse in this report. We also look at how volatile financial markets have impacted funding levels of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes, and explore the potential of the new regulated investment limited partnerships for institutional investors in private assets.