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Cork, Ireland

Ireland’s new sovereign wealth fund

December 2023 (Magazine)

The planned Future Ireland Fund (FIF) aims to cover expected future costs such as pensions and healthcare

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Irish pensions auto-enrolment is a worthy challenge

November 2023 (Magazine)

Irish citizens are set to get a retirement boost following the government’s decision to implement its auto-enrolment retirement savings scheme in 2024. That is, if all goes to plan. Under the proposed scheme, which has been a topic of debate in Irish politics for at least 15 years, employees will have access to a workplace pension savings scheme that is co-funded by their employer and the state.

Liam Kennedy at IPE

Ireland – future pensions tiger

November 2023 (Magazine)

Ireland stands a few policy steps away from the creation of a serious first and second-pillar pensions architecture that will improve the country’s international standing in terms of retirement provision. 

Dublin, Ireland

Country Report – Ireland (February 2023)

February 2023 (Magazine)

Ireland is preparing an Auto Enrolment Bill, which will kick-start the process of defined contribution pension reform in earnest, some 15 years after the concept was first mooted. The plan is for a Central Processing Authority to administer the system and for up to four providers to tender for a chance to manage member contributions.