DENMARK – Tryg-Baltica Liv og Pension has reshuffled its executive management board and changed its name to Tryg-Baltica Pension to reflect its new status as a separate legal entity as well as a separate business unit.

The new management structure will comprise Michael Brag as chief executive officer and Jans Lind as mathematical director. Both will report to Ib Mardahl-Hansen, head of Nordea Life Insurance and Pensions, the company’s parent, and former head of Tryg-Baltica Liv og Pension.

It is not considered ‘expedient’ by the Nordea group to have the same person in overall control of a business area whilst simultaneously serving as a member of the executive board of one the companies making up the area.

The management change is also part of Nordea’s restructuring into six business areas and as such the legal company structure will also change.