GLOBAL - F&C Asset Management and Goldman Sachs were named as the best asset management firms in relation to environmental and social governance (ESG) policy at the inaugural ESG Leaders Awards.

Five awards were presented at the first ESG Leaders event held in Paris on November 15, co-hosted by IPE and US-based sustainability experts TBLI (Triple Bottom Line Investing), covering asset management, innovation, research, as well as recognising an organisation considered to be the best investor as well as acknowledging outstanding contributions to ESG.

The UK Environment Agency's €2.15bn pension fund was named overall best investor for "putting its money where its mouth is", according to officials behind the awards, and adhering to a strict but highly successful investment strategy, which has led to 100% solvency level since specialist asset managers were implemented in 2005.

F&C won the Best Asset Manager investing in ESG award for its "clearly defined and efficient" dedication to ESG issues, which shows the company leading by example, while Goldman Sachs was rewarded the Most Innovative Development award for the work on its Environmental policy Framework, as this includes delivering sector-specific ESG reports and correlating its ESG analyses with cash return on cash invested (CROCI).

A further analysis of research and consultancy houses saw Innovest Strategic Value Advisors awarded for its work in uncovering hidden sources of outperformance for its clients within the boundaries of ESG investments, through its research and ESG ratings on companies clients would like to invest in.

KLD Research & Analysis also picked up the outstanding contribution to ESG award for the work it has done - since the firm's launch in 1988 - to deliver management tools which help investors integrate ESG into their investment decisions as well as actively engaging with government officials to gather key information about issues such as human rights, for example.