UK / EUROPE – Former Schroders marketing director Brian Wood has formed a new institutional fund manager events company, Right Angle Partners, to promote greater interaction between investment managers and their clients. The development is aimed at institutional investors and managers across Europe and the US.

“Big conferences are not always the best time for investment managers to get together and talk with each other or their clients. The aim of Right Angle Partners is to offer an alternative where numbers are smaller, so attendees can get the chance to meet and discuss developments in their markets as well as their client relationships,” says co-founder Wood.

Wood has two partners on the project, Tracy Marshall and Cristina Posner, both of whom previously held senior marketing positions at Institutional Investor.

Posner will take care of securing venues and logistics for the events while Marshall, based in New York, will work with Wood in marketing and sales. Posner and Wood, also the company secretary, are based in the company’s office in Wales.

“The three of us started talking last year about how we might pool our talents and resources and branch out in another area of the institutional investment market,” says Wood.

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