EUROPE – Dominique Piermay has been appointed to succeed Nico Top as chairman of European Actuarial Consultancy Services (Euracs), the largest European association of independent consulting actuaries.

Piermay is co-founder and executive vice president of Paris based actuarial consultancy FIXAGE, where she has developed transnational mergers and acquisitions actuarial services and international pension studies.

At the same time, Kees Zweekhorst was appointed to replace Joop Rietmulder as director general of the association. Zweekhorst has been chief executive officer of Akzo Nobel’s Arnhem based pension fund. He has also founded, and still runs, Performance Foundation in the Netherlands, a company supporting board and management of pensions funds, life insurance companies and their clients.

Euracs represents more than 1,100 consultants in most EU countries, Norway, and eastern and central Europe, with connections in North America and Australasia.