SWEDEN – The government pension buffer funds AP2 and AP3 have made a number of top level appointments to their in-house investment teams.

Evert Carlsson has joined the Gothenburg based AP2 fund as head of equities, while Eric Kovacs has moved to Stockholm based AP3 as head of equities for banking and finance sectors.

AP2 has also recruited Martin Jonasson as head lawyer of the fund, while AP3 has named Dag Sehlin to sit on its board of directors.

“ Interest for positions at the recently established AP fund has been great, and through these two appointments we have filled almost all of the top positions. In autumn we’ll have to recruit a further 10 employees before our organisation is complete,” says Lars Idemark, managing director of AP2.

Carlsson has left his position as head of trading at Frankfurt based BfG bank, part of the Swedish financial services company SEB.
Previously, he has worked for Swedbank, Fides Asset Management, Carnegie and Skandia.
Jonasson was formerly head lawyer at Volvo Financial Services.

Kovacs joins AP3 from Oslo based Bankinvesteringsfonden, a Norwegian agency, which deals with state-owned banks.
Sehlin has been deputy managing director and chief financial officer of the Posten, the country’s post office, and deputy managing director of OM group, the holding company for Stockholm exchanges.