GLOBAL- A continental European insurance company is looking, via the electronic manager search system, for a manager to oversee a $100m corporate Eurodollar debt mandate.

The tranche is the investment grade portion of a larger bond portfolio and, at 20% of the total, supports payouts for specialty insurance claims.

According to the submission, the client expects the fixed income portfolio to produce a total return, including capital appreciation and income, 20 basis points above the established benchmark. Submissions are expected by Thursday 4th July.

Elsewhere a Dutch consultant is looking for a manager to run a $40m north American equities mandate. The portfolio is a large cap, enhanced passive US and Canada mandate with neither style bias nor a preferred benchmark.

The manager is expected to follow an index within a low tracking error. As an guideline, the consultants suggests something in the region of 35 basis point excess return from a 1% tracking error. Submissions are expected by Wednesday 3rd July.

In addition, a European pension fund is tendering a $50m eastern European equities mandate to be managed actively against the MSCI emerging markets Europe index. Investments, which are restricted to listed securities, are expected to focus predominantly on Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia.

Two to three year performance record is preferable and submissions are expected by early next month.