NETHERLANDS - Jeroen Tielman (pictured), the former director of pension business development at NIBC Bank, will leave Dutch industry-wide pensions provider Cordares following a disagreement with its board of governors.

Tielman, currently managing director of commerce, strategy and innovation (CSI) at Cordares, said in a written statement this morning: "As a result of a disagreement with the board of governors of Cordares, I have made available my function as a managing director CSI with Cordares and I am currently in a dialogue about the conditions and the time when I will end my contract."

He added: "I think that Codares, with its planned cooperation with ABP, will have a future with much potential," referring to last December's news of the Dutch €220bn ABP fund and Cordares effectively announcing the first step to a merger by signing a declaration of intent of cooperation.
Insiders, who wish not to be named, have commented Tielman's decision had come following the departure of Cordares chairman Joep Schouten. Adri van der Wurff took over last October.

Tielman said he has not yet decided what to do next and will consider his future options in coming weeks.

In any case, he will continue organising the PensionSummit, an independent discussion platform for pension funds Tielman set up in 2002. It is held every year on the third Thursday in April.

In December 2005, Tielman resigned from NIBC and accepted an offer to join Cordares as managing director strategy and innovation.

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