EUROPE - The Dutch Association of Industry-wide Pension Funds, the VB, has teamed up with the European Federation for Retirement Provision to run a conference on corporate governance in the European Union.

The event, in association with social protection body the AEIP, or Association Européenne des Institutions Paritaires, will take place in Brussels on September 23.

The conference - "Corporate Governance in the European Union; Challenges for national organisations and European policy makers" - will be chaired by VB chairman Peter Borgdorf.

Speakers will include PGGM's chief investment officer Roderick Munsters, who is also chairman of the Dutch Foundation for Corporate Governance Research for Pension Funds (SCGOP), Jean-Yves Mulle of the European Commission's internal market directorate and Rients Abma, secretary to the Netherlands' Tabaksblat Committee.

Other speakers include EFRP vice-chairman Peter Lindblad, Dutch socialist MEP Ieke van den Burg and AEIP general secretary Bruno Gabellieri.

There will be also speakers from France, Germany, the UK, Ireland and Finland.

The 19-member AEIP, or European Association of Paritarian Institutions, was set up in 1996 to promote the management of social protection at the EU level.