IPE AWARDS - The Netherlands' ABN AMRO Pension Fund was the big winner at the tenth annual IPE Awards in Monaco, scooping up the gold prize for Best European Pension Fund and the silver prize for Best Corporate Pension Fund.

Chris Verhaegen took home the award for Outstanding Industry Contribution for her work in making the European Federation of Retirement Provision the "leading industry voice for Europe", while Mercer snapped up the gold award for Consultant of the Year.

Denmark's Industriens Pension had a stellar night, knocking last year's winner ATP off its perch while landing the Best DB/DC Structuring/Strategies, Best Risk Management Solutions and Fixed Income awards.

The Clwyd Pension Fund landed three awards, winning the Best Use of Commodities and Alternatives and sharing the Small European Pension Fund.

Hotel Employees Provident Fund won awards for the Small Countries category and Best Small Pension Fund.

In Switzerland, the award was shared by Pension Fund SBB and Caisse de Pensions Paritaire de Rolex, while the Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund was deemed the Best Pension Fund in the UK.

Victoria-Volksbanken Pensionskasse AG won top prize for Austria for the second year in a row, while Norway's Oslo Pensjonsforsikring also won its country award for the second year running.

AP3 received top marks in Sweden.



The full list of winners for the IPE Awards 2010


Best Pension Fund in Austria: Victoria-Volksbanken Pensionskasse AG

Best Pension Fund in Belgium: IORP Levi Strauss OFP

Best Pension Fund in Denmark: Industriens Pension

Best Pension Fund in Finland: Tapiola Pension

Best Pension Fund in France: UMR Corem

Best Pension Fund in Germany: Nordrheinische Ärzteversorgung

Best Pension Fund in Iceland: Frjálsi Pension Fund

Best Pension Fund in Ireland: ESB Subsidiary Companies Pension Scheme

Best Pension Fund in Italy: Laborfunds

Best Pension Fund in the Netherlands: ABN AMRO Pension Fund

Best Pension Fund in Norway: Oslo Pensjonsforsikring

Best Pension Fund in Portugal: FEFSS - Social Security Reserve Fund

Best Pension Fund in Spain: Endesa

Best Pension Fund in Sweden: AP3

Best Pension Fund in Switzerland: Pension Fund SBB/Caisse de Pensions Paritaire de Rolex

Best Pension Fund in the UK: Barclays Bank UK Retirement Fund

Best Pension Fund in Central and Eastern Europe: PZU Zlota Jesien Pension Funds

Best Pension Fund in the Small Countries: Hotel Employees Provident Fund


Best Use of Commodities: Clwyd Pension Fund

Best DB/DC Structuring/Strategies: Industriens Pensions

Best Emerging Markets: Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund

Best use of ESG/Corporate Governance: ERAFP

Best Use of Hedge Funds: Amonis

Best In-house Investment Team/Pension Fund Owner: Altera Vastgoed

Best Innovation: Merseyside Pension Fund

Best Portfolio Construction: Trafalgar House Pension Trust

Best Use of Real Estate: Ärzteversorgung Westfalen-Lippe

Best Risk Management Solutions: Industriens Pension

Best Use of Specialist Investment Manager: Nordrheinische Ärzteversorgung


Best Use of Alternatives: Clwyd Pension Fund

Best Use of Equities: APK Pensionskasse

Best Use of Fixed Income: Industriens Pension


Best Use of Corporate Pension Fund: ABN Amro Pension Fund

Best Industry-Wide Pension Fund: Industriens Pension

Best Public Pension Fund: AP3

Best Small European Pension Fund: Clwyd PF/Hotel Employees PF


Consultant of the Year: Mercer

Outstanding Industry Contribution Award: Chris Verhaegen

Best European Pension Fund: ABN Amro Pension Fund