UK – The Cass Business School in London is offering what it says is the first MSc degree in pension science.

“Cass Business School, which already has earned a reputation for excellence thanks to its Specialist Masters Courses, is introducing a new MSc in Pension Science, the first of its kind,” the institution said.

The 12-month degree covers core courses in pension economics, pension finance, comparative pension systems, social policy and ageing, accounting, law and regulation, and relevant quantitative methods.

It is aimed at those “seeking a comprehensive understanding of pension systems and their applicability in varying international contexts”.

Graduates will learn about different types of pension systems and how they have developed as well as how they are funded and about the risks they face.

At the end of it they would be “able to advise governments, institutions and companies in any country on pension matters”.

"The Department for Work and Pensions is enthusiastic about the development of this qualification, and would welcome applications from individuals holding the prospective Pensions MSc,” said Robert Laslett, chief pensions economist at the DWP.

“The combination of economics, finance and actuarial science on the one hand, with an understanding of law and regulation on the other, would be very well suited to the analytical and policy needs of the department."