NETHERLANDS – Over half of members active in Dutch pension funds feel that an annual review of their pension position should be offered, a survey has suggested.

Additionally, one-third of participants would like their employer to provide a specialist on pensions, and would also like to take part in a short course on pensions, according to TNS Nipo, which interviewed 18,500 participants at 17 pension funds.

Julie Visser, senior consultant at TNS Nipo, said the results were "good news". "They confirm that workers do have an interest in their pension."

The research also found that young employees expressed an equal need for a periodical pensions check-up as their older colleagues.

It further concluded that such a yearly update also appealed to 50% of the participants who are otherwise less susceptible to pensions information.

One-third of the interviewed pensioners indicated that pensions communication could be improved through digital means, such as an email alert from their own pension fund.

The researchers said that one in five active participants, and one in 10 pensioners, made clear that they were interested in a specific pensions app.

According to Visser, the details of a check-up, a short course and email alerts still needed to be elaborated.

Specifically for its research, TNS Nipo has established a Benchmark Research Platform (BOP) for pension funds with the support of the Pensions Federation.