NETHERLANDS - The e2.6m Europol Pension Fund, based in The Hague, for officials of the European police organisation, is seeking tenders for the administration, asset management and risk coverage of the scheme.
In its RFP the board of the fund says it is “inclined” to grant the business to a company that can deliver all the above services.

“Although we know that we might not get the optimal deal on the individual parts we would prefer, given the size of the fund, not to be burdened with the co-ordination between these parts,” says a spokesperson for the fund.

The target of the fund, which covers 161 Europol officials, is to invest approximately 80% in fixed income and 20% in equities.
No division between geographical areas or industrial sectors has yet been announced.

“The assets of the fund will be invested solidly, on the basis of a five-year investment policy and annual investment plans to be established by the board, taking into account the demands of solvency, liquidity, rentability and spread of risks,” the spokesperson adds.