UK – Multi-management specialist Frank Russell has selected Thames River Capital to manage three assignments within its manager of managers funds.

London-based Thames River Capital is a relatively new company, founded in 1998, and manages 2.4 billion dollars (2.05 billion euros) across a variety of long only and long/short strategies, including Europe, Japan, emerging markets and fixed interest.

The firm has been hired by Frank Russell for assignments in the FRIC Continental European Equity fund, FRIC II Pan European Equity fund and the MSMM Pan European Equity fund which together have more than two billion dollars (1.7 billion euros) in assets under management. Thames River Capital joins four other managers in the Continental European Equity fund and five other managers in the two Pan European Equity funds.

“The addition of Thames River Capital will bring new sources of excess return to the funds,” said Kathy Nevin, portfolio manager at Russell.

Russell evaluates more than 2,900 firms and 7,500 outside investment products globally as part of a comprehensive research process. it manages over 67 billion dollars (57 billion euros) in assets, of which approximately 16 billion dollars (13.7 billion dollars) is managed from Europe.