FRANCE - The 16 billion-euro French Pensions Reserve Fund, or Fonds de Reserve pour les Retraites, is looking for a manager to process data sent to its financial and technical databank, Spirris.

“Spirris is built on financial and technical data whose reliability influences the quality of conformity controls, performance measurement, risks in the markets and reporting,” said the FRR.

The fund said that that a manager is needed as a subscription to a data vendor is not enough to guarantee continuity and reliability.

“It is indispensable to constantly analyse and supervise data in order to make corrections or add necessary further information,” the fund said.

Among the tasks ahead for the successful candidate appears classification of data in homogeneous sets and identify the responsible person in charge for each set and to make an inventory of tasks.

The analyst should also identify groups of data and those responsible for them, set up a structure, organise responsibilities, grade a “ transversal function” and test procedures at production times.

The exercise, which is estimated to cost around 90,000 euros, should last 60 days and is to be completed by September. The deadline for applications is May 18.

Last month the FRR awarded its first 10 billion euros in mandates. The remaining mandates are set to be announced next month.