EUROPE - The first global blue-chip exchange-traded fund (ETF) for European investors has started trading on Euronext, in a sign that exchange traded funds are gaining favour amongst European investors.
AXA Investment Managers has signed a license agreement with Dow Jones Indexes to start listing the fund, which is based on the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 Index.

“We chose the Dow Jones Global Titans 50 to offer European investors 50 of the world’s leading multinational corporations. This is the first global index to be published 24 hours a day. And just before we issued our EasyETF Global Titans 50, the index was used as the basis for a futures contract,” says Timothy Ryan, head of quantitative research and management at AXA.

Dow Jones indexes, part of Dow Jones & Company, provides a number of indexes that can be traded as individual stocks.
These exchange-traded funds are mainly for sale in the US and Canada.