EUROPE - Two pension funds and an investment consultant have issued new searches for investment managers using IPE-Quest.

In the first search, QN928, a Danish pension fund says it is looking for a manager to manage €100m global investment grade corporate bonds developed world mandate, using an active, ungeared style. Derivatives are allowed, according to the search which closes on April 3.

In QN929, a continental European pension fund is looking for a Eurozone debt investment grade manager for a €300m active mandate.

"The idea is that the manager will get a ‘core plus' approach mandate in a way that also off benchmark bets (limited) are allowed," stated the fund, adding candidates can apply until April 4.

Lastly, in QN930 a consultant based in continental Europe is looking for a manager to manage a $150m pan-European corporate debt mandate.

"The investment style will be active (by using the full regulatory framework of the new German Investment Law, i.e. establishing a total market exposure up to 200% of the net asset value)," read the search.

The consultant asks applicants to outline their operative experience using CDS / CDX overlay strategies, especially with German KAGs.

Closing date for QN930 is March 23.