BELGIUM – Philip Neyt is seeking to retain his role as chairman of the Belgian Association of Pension Institutions (ABIP/BVPI) after he left Belgacom's pension fund last week.

Speaking with IPE following his controversial departure from Belgacom, Neyt declined to elaborate on the reasons why he left the Belgian telecom company.

But he stressed that the move would not compromise his future as chairman of the Belgian pension fund association.

"The chairman is elected by the board of the ABIP/BVPI, and I am meeting with the board next week to discuss my options," he said.

"There is no reason why my recent departure from Belgacom Pensioenfonds would compromise my role at the ABIP/BVPI, and I intend to remain a non-executive chairman at the association."

Neyt, who became chairman of the association in 2006, pointed out that the board of the association had elected non-executive chairmen in the past.

He added that a career change after 20 years at Belgacom would be a new challenge and told IPE that a number of opportunities were already in the pipeline.

"However," he said, "I do not want to rush this through and wish to take the time to carefully assess the opportunities arising."

Neyt will also retain his role as non-executive director at various insurance companies in Belgium.  

Belgian media reported last week that the departure of Neyt, who was named head of communication at Belgacom in 2011, was due to "internal political reasons" and disagreements with Didier Bellens, chief executive at the company.

The move came alongside the dismissal of Steven Van Casteren, managing director of Scarlet, the real estate branch of Belgacom, the same week.