The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Private Pensions Working Party is to look at member states’ pension supervision within the next few months, says its new chairman Ambrogio Rinaldi.
Rinaldi, who took over as chairman of the group from Richard Hinz last December, said recently in Paris that the group will exchange views and experiences on the structure and methods of supervision of pension funds, aiming to identify good practices.
The group has also started work on a set of guidelines on participants’ rights. The subject will be discussed in more detail in the committee’s June meeting – the first to be chaired by Rinaldi.
The working party meets twice a year and has three main aims: to survey private pension systems in OECD countries and analyse related policy and technical issues; to formulate policy recommendations; and to promote dialogue with non-member countries on private pension issues. It has already issued guidelines on pension fund regulation and, last October, on pension fund governance.
Rinaldi, director of supervision and research at Italian pensions supervisory authority Covip, replaced the US Department of Labor’s Hinz, who has accepted a job at the World Bank.