Olivier Souliac

  • Risk rewards and expected inflation
    Special Report

    Inflation: expectations … and reality

    ETF Guide (2022)

    In 2022, inflation surprised only on the upside, and surrounding economic conditions became increasingly uncertain. As short-term inflationary pressure has moderately spilled into inflation expectations – 10-year German inflation breakevens rose from 0.5% to more than 2% in 24 months1 – our DWS Long View capital market expectations for the next decade remain below historical averages.

  • Excess returns versus active risk for country, sector, currency, style and selection components
    Special Report

    ESG outperformance: not about one factor

    ETF Guide (2021)

    The recent outperformance of many ESG indices relative to broad market indices is well documented. The resilience of ESG strategies during the COVID-19 crisis has broadened the appreciation and appeal of ESG.