NETHERLANDS - Fred Nieuwland, senior consultant at the Dutch arm of consultancy firm Towers Perrin, has left the company.

He officially leaves the company on September 1, but spokesman Bart Jochems confirmed that Nieuwland left at the end of last week.

"He made clear that he wanted to have more direct influence on a management level with regards to investment," says Jochems, "as a senior consultant that was not really possible."

Nieuwland's new job will be at Master Foods, with its European headquarters in Veghel, where he will have the chance to pose more direct influence investment-wise.

Lodewijk van Pol and Eric Mathijssen, both already working for Towers Perrin, will take over Nieuwland's responsibilities.

Nieuwland served as director of investment advice with PensionFactory, and worked at ABP Investments where he was in charge of North American equities and quantitative research.