UK - The Pensions Regulator (TPR) is seeking a number of specialist consultants in at least five areas including actuarial services and branding, as part of a new framework agreement.

TPR was established in 2004, and is now offering four-year advisory contracts to fulfil its legal requirement to establish a consultancy framework covering a number of specialist disciplines.

TPR  has grouped the disciplines into lots, which will include, but is not limited to, the following five areas:

•    Business design, strategy and programme management;
•    Legal services;
•    Actuarial Services;
•    Change Management, and
•    Communications, including design and branding.

Under these 'specialist' disciplines, the tender notice revealed duties could include patent and copyright consultancy, quality assurance, marketing management, and pension fund consultancy services.

As this is a new development for TPR, the body is seeking around six suppliers for each role, although providers can apply for more than one lot, and each contract will initially last four years, with the possibility of a further one-year extension.

TPR confirmed because of the amount of work involved it is looking to fill the positions for one of the lots by the end of January 2009, with the remaining appointments to be agreed later.

The Regulator's most recent appointment was in July, when TPR appointed Deloitte & Touche to provide the organisation with internal audit services. (See earlier IPE article: Haringey splits investment and actuarial advice)

The closing date for submissions for one or more of the positions is 17 October 2008, and further information on the specific lots can be obtained by emailing

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