UK - The following are UK pension funds' holdings in companies that have been disclosed this week under the Financial Services Authority's stock market listing rules - with pension funds named including: British Airways, Shell and TRW.

- TRW Pensions Trust informed engineering firm Oystertec Plc of a 3.23% interest (September 23).

- Hermes Administration Services told insurer Hardy Underwriting Group Plc that BriTel Fund Trustees Ltd. and the Trustees of BT Pension Scheme direct holding was 1.148% (Date of disclosure: September 22).

- British Airways Pensions Trustees Ltd. took its holding in Dunedin Enterprise Inv Trust Plc to 10.15% (September 22).

- BA Pensions Trustees took its holding of Rutland Trust Plc to 5.99% (September 22).

- Shell Pensions Trust Ltd. took its interest in Active Capital Trust Plc to 2.94% (September 22).

- Hermes said BriTel Fund Trustees Ltd. and the Trustees of BT Pension Scheme have a 5.83% holding in Lavendon Group Plc. It also said the Trustees of the BT Pension Scheme, Hermes Investment Management Ltd. and Hermes Pensions Management Ltd. have a 9.71% stake (September 22). On September 10 Lavendon said Hermes had disclosed that Royal Mail Pensions Trustees Ltd. and Possfund Custodian Trustees Ltd. had a 3.73% interest.

- British Airways Pensions Trustees Ltd. now has no notifiable interest in the Throgmorton Trust Plc (September 21).

- Hermes informed PVC windows supplier Heywood Williams Group Plc that the "total interest of the various Hermes' entities and partnerships" now represents 7.1% of the company's issued share capital (September 21). On September 10 the company said Hermes et al had 5.087%.

- BA Pensions Trustees now has a 4.54% interest in Pantheon International Participations Plc. (September 20).